Try a summer science ice melt experiment. Ice melt activities are perfect for summer science! We brought ours outdoors this time. Ice melt experiments are something we enjoy year round because you can give them a variety of themes.  Plus we have many more icy science ideas to try! The great thing about a summer ice melt is the easy set up and simple ingredients. Cool off on a hot day with a melting ice activity. Check out our icy patriotic science play!

Easy Summer Science Ice Melt Experiment

Patriotic Summer Science Ice Melt 4th of July Activity Water Play

Setting up an ice melt is easy to do and the kids have a blast. It really does keep everyone busy too. We don’t just do them in the summer either! We have ice melting fun all year round.


 I used a milk carton and cut off the top so I was left with a rectangular box with an open end. I picked out a bunch of themed items to freeze in levels. You will need to think ahead and leave time for freezing the different items so that they are all the way through the ice block.

 I have red and blue sorting bears in different sizes, glow in the dark stars, and American Flag toothpicks! I started with some stars on the bottom covered with a red tinted water to about a third of the way. Once that was frozen I repeated with non colored water and a few more items, making sure to completely freeze between each layer. I ended with a layer of blue colored water. I tried to get a little of everything into each layer, so he would have to really work to get them out. I finished with more stars on the top!

Once it is frozen, I cut the milk carton away. Place in shallow pan and provide lots of warm water. We used squeeze bottles, a squirt  bottle, and a turkey baster! All great ice melters and perfect for fine motor skills too!

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4th July Summer Science Ice Melt Set Up

Getting started with squeeze bottle and squirt bottles is great fine motor and science play!

4th Of July Summer Science Ice Melt Tools

This time we took our summer science ice melt activity outside.  The frozen block lasted us another solid 45 mins of play, experimentation and exploration! He was again very excited to unfreeze the items with the warm water! We needed lots of water.  Such a simple learning activity with room for sensory play! Tactile and visual science experiments are a favorite here! He loves to see the changes taking place and is really interested in how the different temperatures of the ice and water felt on his hands.

4th Of July Summer Science Ice Melt Sensory play

It actually takes quite awhile to melt through the ice and by freezing in different layers, it is very exciting for a child to unfreeze the next item! Squirt bottles, squeeze bottle and turkey basters are also awesome for fine motor skill practice

Summer Science Ice Melt Activities are perfect for multiple ages!

4th Of July Summer Science Ice Melt Almost melted

Freeing the last flag! Yes, blue and red do make purple! The summer science ice melt is complete.4th of July Ice Melt Science Final

Simple science around the house is perfect for preschool age children, especially if you can turn it into fun sensory play. Remember to ask your child questions along the way. What do they see or feel? What is happening? Why is the ice melting? Simple science like this summer science ice melt is perfect for the young scientist!

What will you put in your summer science ice melt?


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