Easy melting ice activities for preschoolers are perfect all year round! We enjoy ice melting science and sensory play for kids. Icy science is a classic preschool science experiment that can be presented in so many ways! Simple ice science is perfect for beginner scientists and even older kids too! I always enjoy participating in our melting ice science experiments. We love simple science activities for preschoolers.

Melting Ice Science Experiments for Kids
Ice Science Melting Ice Science Sensory Activities


Ice science is pretty cool and it’s also fairly easy to set up. We enjoy freezing water for play in many different shaped containers! There’s always new and interesting ways to create an ice theme activity for the season or holiday.


We use milk cartons, plastic food containers, disposable gloves, balloons, and ice-cube molds to create unique ideas. The most helpful hint to remember is to freeze in layers if you want to have all of your trinkets and items spread out evenly. Though this is not possible with the gloves. Blow up balloons first to stretch them out before adding items!

junk drawer ice melt preparing ice

What do we like to freeze in the water?

Some of the things you can include in your ice play are plastic animals, cars, glass gems, glitter, sequins, magnets, super heroes, plastic coins, jewelry and stars. We have also used feathers, real items from the beach, and pieces of our Christmas tree! The possibilities are endless. Our ice science activities make great early learning activities for all sorts of themes and seasons!


Ice activities are great for learning about reversible change, temperature, and properties of water. Melting ice science is also great for practicing fine motor skills with spray bottles, squirt bottles, and eye droppers or basters!

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What is fizzing ice science?

This is a fun twist on the simple ice activities with water. We love fizzing science experiments, so as a fun variation I decided to freeze a baking soda mixture for melting! Take a look! It’s very cool!  So some of preschool ice activities below do include this fun fizzing baking soda and vinegar chemical reaction.

Treasure Hunt Fine Motor Skills Activity

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Ice Activities For Preschool

Click on links below to read the full details on set up and play with these melting ice activities. 

Frozen Car Rescue

Ocean Ice Melt

Frozen Fizzing Stars

Excavating Frozen Dinosaur Eggs

Ice Melt Science Frozen Stars Color Mixing Frozen Magnets

Halloween Melting Ice Experiment

Melting Elsa’s Frozen Castle

Melting Frozen Hands

Lemon and Lime Outdoor Ice Melt

I used various sized containers and colored the water yellow and green. I added lemon and lime juice for scented sensory play. He enjoyed using his water gun outside to melt the ice!

ice play lemon lime scented sensory water play

Frozen Stars {4 Ways To Try Ice Science}

Icy Magnets

Frozen Color Mixing

Ice Science super Heroes Treasure Hunt Seashells

Frozen Space Men Rescue

Frozen Super Hero Rescue

Icy Treasure Hunt

Ice Science Frozen Fizzing Ice Castles Jewels Melon Eruption

Frozen Fizzing Jewels

Frozen Fizzy Melon Eruption

Frozen Fizzing Castle Melt

Ice Science Frozen Fizzing Ghosts Trees Snowmen

Melting Snowman

Fizzy Ghosts

Melting Fizzing Christmas Trees 

Spider Ice Melt

Ice Science Winter Ice Melt Activities

Winter Evergreen Ice Melt

Melting Santa’s Frozen Hands

Arctic Ice Melt


Click on the link or on the image below for more awesome and hands-on preschool activities.

Preschool Learning Activities for a whole year of play and learning!

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