Get outdoors this Summer and try out these fun summer science experiments and STEM activities. If you can do science indoors, you can definitely do science outdoors too. Science surrounds us, and we love doing experiments outside in the summertime.

Easy Summer Science

The learning doesn’t have to stop once summer vacation rolls around! These awesome summer science experiments are filled with play and learning opportunities.

Explore chemical reactions, physics, gravity, motion, heat, polymers, earth sciences, and more with easy summer science experiments your kids will love. Enjoy learning all summer long!

Even if you aren’t familiar with science at home, you can start this summer!

Free Printable Summer Science Guide

This free printable summer science guide comes with handy links to bookmark and a summer-themed science process pack with science journal pages. Hang it on the fridge or bulletin board for a reminder to do more science!

More Summer Science Resources

  • Free summer science camp! Ensure you also check out our week-long summer science camp ideas for a week of science fun!

Fizzy, Bubbly, Cool, and Incredibly Fun Summer Science Experiments. Investigate summer-themed chemistry, physics, and science crafts! Perfect for kids ages 5-12!

There is something for everyone on this summer science experiment list. Multiple ages will enjoy many of these summer science activities together.

Plus, these science experiments are not expensive, use easy-to-find supplies, and don’t take a ton of prep time. 

Take your science experiments outdoors! Some of these summer science activities will do much better outside, and the clean-up will be much easier. The fresh air, sunshine, and the smells of nature can’t be beaten.

Done-For-You Science Camp

Make sure you also check out our week-long summer science camp science plan for a week of science fun! Plus, I’ve added 12 mini-camp weeks with full instructions!

Best Summer Science Experiments

Click on the links below to see how to set up these awesome summer science experiments and activities. Start your summer with a pop, bang, eruption, or burst!

Water Science

Kick off summer with a favorite science supply, water!

Water Experiments

DIY Sundial

Summer is hopefully filled with sunny days, and that’s a perfect time to set up a homemade sundial.

Fizzy Sidewalk Paint

How do you make fizzing sidewalk paint? All it takes is a few simple ingredients you probably already have in the kitchen cupboards.

Watermelon Volcano

This exploding watermelon volcano is an awesome science experiment for the whole family. You will hear oohs and ahs from everyone around the table.

Watermelon Volcano

Sandbox Volcano

Building a sandbox volcano is an outdoor science activity with a quick clean-up. It’s a classic baking soda and vinegar experiment every kid needs to try.

Ice Block Melting Science

Ice melting is a pretty easy concept for kids to understand, and it is so easy to create icy themes that include your kid’s interests, like this LEGO-themed ice melt! Or try this fun icy dino egg activity!

Mentos Geyser

All you need is a pack of Mentos and diet coke. You might think there’s a chemical reaction happening, but this Mentos and Soda experiment is a great example of a physical reaction.

Fizzy Frozen Baking Soda Stars

Fun summer science for kids! These frozen baking soda stars are simple to make and make a great patriotic or 4th of July science activity. Great for a hot day outside.

Grow Crystal Seahells

Experiment with growing borax crystals on seashells for summer or ocean science! Our seashells come from a beach, but you can easily pick up a bag of shells to try at home if you don’t live near the beach.

Water Bottle Rocket

This bottle rocket project is an easy way to get your kiddos excited about science! Who doesn’t love an explosive chemical reaction?

Bottle Rocket

Alka Seltzer Rocket

Grab some Alka Seltzer tablets and film canisters, and follow our step-by-step instructions to make an Alka Seltzer rocket that will blast off! 

Ice Cream in a Bag

Making homemade ice cream is actually quite easy and a good workout for the arms! This ice cream in a bag science experiment is a fun activity to try at home or in the classroom.

Slushie Sorbet in a Bag

This homemade slushie or sorbet in a bag is a sweet treat that also doubles as summer science!

DIY Sorbet

Leakproof Bag

This experiment is fun to do in the summer! You only need sharpened pencils, a plastic bag and plenty of water. Make sure to take your leakproof bag demonstration outside on a hot day.

Popping Bags (Bursting)

Sometimes called the exploding lunch bag, our popping bag activity is the perfect way to excite your kiddos about science! Who doesn’t love something that explodes?

Fizzing Lemonade

Add this simple fizzing lemonade activity to your science lesson plans this season. Let’s dig in if you want to learn about acids and bases for easy chemistry.


Make homemade bubble solution and bubble wands! Also, try bouncing bubbles and take the bubble challenge… Can you make a square bubble?

Outdoor Homemade Pulley System

With a few simple supplies from the hardware store, your kids will have a blast playing and learning with this simple machines. Learn how to make a pulley for kids!

DIY Solar Oven

STEM isn’t complete until you have made a sun oven, solar cooker, or pizza box oven for melting s’mores. No campfire is needed with this engineering classic; make a solar oven!

DIY Solar Oven

Fireworks in a Jar

Take a classic oil and water mixture and watch how droplets of color react! It looks like fireworks in a jar!

DIY Water Wall

You can use various found materials to create a one-of-a-kind water wall! It’s a great opportunity to see what the kids develop for a design.

LEGO Water Dam

Try this fun LEGO water activity! Can you use your LEGO bricks to control the water flow on an inclined surface?

Outdoor Balloon Rocket

Set this one up outdoors! You can even set up two and have the balloons race each other! What can you do with a balloon and a straw? Build a balloon rocket, of course! Kids will love this awesome physics experiment that is more like play than science.

Strawberry DNA

Strawberry season is a fantastic time to extract DNA from a strawberry for a little plant biology!

Strawberry DNA Extraction

Homemade Kaleidoscope

Our science lesson is pretty simple since this homemade kaleidoscope doesn’t use a prism or mirrors. You can discuss light and reflection for simple physics.


Seeing rainbows? Find out how to make a DIY spectroscope below for a simple and fun physics experiment. Can you separate visible light into the colors of the rainbow?


Create a DIY planetarium from simple supplies, explore constellations in the Milky Way galaxy, and learn a little about Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Make A Planetarium

More Awesome Summer Science Experiments for Kids

From under the sea to deep space…4th of July to backyard faun… We have a ton of summer science experiments you can do inside or outside!

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