Candy Hearts Science Sink Boat Activity

Candy Hearts Science Sensory Exploration

Candy heart science sink and float! These candy hearts make for perfect Valentine’s early learning play! We have used them for a fun and quick math game, gooey gooey oobleck, and in our mini erupting hearts! This time we used for a candy heart sink the boat activity. How many candy hearts does it take to sink the boat? What happens to the candy hearts that fall in the water? So many great questions to encourage your child to explore this candy heart sink the boat experiment!

Candy Heart Sink the Boat Set Up

Here’s what you need to explore this simple sensory science activity, candy heart sink the boat!

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Supplies: Candy Conversation hearts, mini heart containers {or whatever you have will work}, a bucket or bowl with water! So easy! Make sure your empty containers float easily.

Heart Candy Sink the boat Valentine's science play

To begin the candy heart sink the boat activity, simply start filling the container one heart at a time. Encourage your child to count as he fills up his heart. You can even keep track on paper how many hearts it takes to fill up each “boat” before it sinks. We found out that it was a different amount each time! We also saw that the placement of the candy hearts made a difference. We tested what would happen if we filled just one part of the “boat” making it uneven. The “boat” sank faster! He thought this was pretty neat. We explored concepts like balanced and unbalanced, even and uneven, and sink and float! Great math and science ideas for young kids to learn about.

Candy hearts sink the boat experiment is playful math and science with room to explore!

Heart Sink The Boat Valentines Science sensory activity


Fun and simple way to explore preschool math and science through hands-on play!

We also observed something else neat happening once our boats hand completely sunk, the candies started to dissolve! We left our candy heart sink the boat activity out on the table to see what would happen over time. He said the candy hearts would disappear. A couple hours later, after a swim lesson, this is what we found. What was left of the hearts were floating and most had dissolved quite a bit. He tried to pick one up and it just squished in his finger tips.

Heart Candy sink float sink the boat science play

 Simple and fun way to introduce math and science with a candy heart sink the boat activity!

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