Build a PVC Pipe house for play and hands on learning with STEM! These PVC pipes are awesome STEM learning, think engineering and designing! Plus, our new PVC Pipe Kit is an easy, frugal alternative to the pricey toy alternatives. The hardware store is an amazing resource for alternative toys.

PVC Pipe House Building Project

PVC Pipe House Building Project PVC Pipe Engineering STEM activity

Did you see our PVC Pipe Hearts we made too! My son loves using “real” household items for play rather than toys. This PVC pipe house building project was right up his alley.

PVC Pipe House Building Project Set Up

We made a pretty simple PVC Pipe house with the pieces we had. It sensate take much to put together this PVC pipe house except a little creativity. Once we got started I could see how the possibilities are endless with enough pieces. My son loves his simple PVC Pipe house. So far it has housed Superheroes, lego men, and a large stuffed animal. I bet it would be awesome draped with a silk play scarf too!

PVC Pipe House Building Project PVC Pipe engineering activity


1/2 inch PVC Pipes sold in lengths of 5′ and 10′. All the pieces you see in photos are from 20′ of pvc pipe.

1/2 inch 90 degree PVC Pipe Fittings including 45 degree, 90 degree, straight connectors and three way connectors. There are so many more possibilities once you get started!

Tape Measure and pencil

Small Saw or Sawzall {Adults only please!}

PVC Pipe House Building Project

For our PVC pipe house we chose 10″ pieces for the bottom three pieces connected with 90 degree elbow fittings.

The sides are two 5 inch pieces connected with a three way pipe fitting and then a 10 inch pipe piece through the middle.

The roof is made of four 6 inch pieces connected to the frame with 45 degree elbows. The very top of the roof has a 10 inch piece connected by two, 3-way, 90 degree elbows. That also doubles as a carry handle!

The possibilities are endless for creating rooms and floors! Having an extra length of pipe handy will let you measure and cut specialty pieces for whatever you can dream up. 

PVC Pipe House Building Project Engineering House Frame activity

We added a whole bunch of items from my treasure bin including cardboard floors, transparent CD cases, and odd little plastic pieces. This treasure bin is essentially random items that look cool and hope one day will make a neat project.

Mostly the items are from packaging materials, boxes, and bottles! Any thing that looks neat gets tucked away in a container for just this occasion! Feel free to cut in a slide or trap door. Build stairs for your PVC pipe house!

PVC Pipe House Building Project Engineering STEM Activity DIY Superhero house This would be an excellent project for multiple ages. Older children can include measurements and drawings into a journal first! Younger children can help measure and build too! Everyone can play! How cool is our PVC pipe house!

Find some superheroes, lego men or animals to complete your PVC pipe house! 

It’s amazing what you can make for play and learning. STEM activities are easy and engaging for young children! Give it a try and head to your local hardware store the next time you want to find a new activity. These PVC pipes are pretty and easy!

What can you engineer with PVC Pipes today?



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  1. This is awesome! How much total did it cost to build one house? I am thinking of doing this with my class but would need at least 10 houses.

  2. I don’t remember the cost offhand. However, I know that it wasn’t expensive at all. I had one very long pipe that I cut down into pieces and the connectors can be bought singular or in a package for a few dollars. It makes a great reusable building kit!

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