Looking for simple and fun printable activities for kids this Chinese New Year? Whether for home or for use in the classroom, here are some easy printable Chinese New Year activities for kids. I love quick and easy because that means less mess, less prep, and more fun! Check out all our printable activities below as you celebrate holidays around the world!



What is the Chinese New Year?

Chinese New Year, also known as the Spring Festival or Lunar New Year, is a traditional Chinese holiday that marks the beginning of the lunar new year. It is celebrated with various customs and festivities, and it’s a great opportunity to teach kids about Chinese culture. Here are some key points that kids can understand about Chinese New Year:

Symbolic Animal: Each Chinese New Year is associated with one of the twelve zodiac animals. The cycle repeats every 12 years. For example, the Year of the Rat, Year of the Ox, Year of the Tiger, and so on. Kids might find it fun to know which animal corresponds to the year they were born.

Red Decorations: Red is a prominent color during Chinese New Year. People decorate their homes with red lanterns, banners, and other ornaments. Red symbolizes good luck and happiness in Chinese culture.

Fireworks and Firecrackers: Fireworks and firecrackers are a big part of the celebrations. They are believed to scare away evil spirits and bring good luck. Kids can enjoy the bright colors and loud sounds of these festivities.

Family Reunion: Chinese New Year is a time for families to come together and celebrate. Many people travel long distances to be with their families during this holiday. Kids can relate to the joy of spending time with loved ones.

Traditional Food: Special foods are prepared during Chinese New Year, each with its own symbolic meaning. For example, dumplings symbolize wealth, fish represents surplus, and noodles symbolize longevity. Kids might enjoy trying these traditional dishes.

Gifts of Money: Red envelopes containing money, called “hongbao” or “lai see,” are often given as gifts during Chinese New Year. This is a gesture of good luck and blessings. Kids might find the idea of receiving money in a red envelope exciting.

Dragon and Lion Dances: Parades featuring dragon and lion dances are common during Chinese New Year. These lively and colorful performances involve dancers wearing elaborate dragon or lion costumes. Kids can enjoy the vibrant and energetic displays.

Cleaning and Spring Cleaning: Before the New Year, families often cleaned their homes to sweep away bad luck and make room for good fortune in the coming year. Kids can understand this as starting fresh and welcoming positive energy.

By introducing these aspects of the Chinese New Year and engagingly, kids can gain an appreciation for the cultural significance of the celebration. You can also explore related activities, such as crafting paper lanterns or making traditional foods together, to make the learning experience more interactive and enjoyable.

Printable Chinese New Year Activity Pack

If you are looking for simple Lunar New Year or Chinese New Year crafts and activities for the kiddos, start with this free Chinese New Year activity pack!


Chinese New Year Color By Number

A Chinese zodiac color-by-number is a simple way to add a little fun to your Lunar or Chinese New Year festivities.

Find all of our color-by-number printable projects here.

Chinese New Year Bingo Printable

Grab our Winter Bingo Activity Pack here.


Mark the free space to get started and let’s have some bingo fun! Kids will love the fun pictures of all the different Chinese New Year theme items.

Chinese New Year Activities

Chinese New Years Projects

When I need a fun game, I want something I can use right away. With that in mind, I put together this amazing Chinese New Year Activities Fun Pack. Exactly what you need!

It’s filled with classic activities and fun new games including Chinese New Year Bingo. This pack is perfect for kids in preschool and beyond. Children of different ages can work together!

Printable Lunar New Year Project Pack

Celebrating the Year of the Dragon (coming soon 2024)

Learn a little about the history behind the Lunar New Year and celebrate with 6 “totally doable” projects plus a word search and crossword puzzle. What a fantastic way to ring in the Lunar New Year!

Note: Past animals (tiger and rabbit) will continue to be included in the pack!