More than just counting the presents under the Christmas tree, why not give your math activities a holiday twist! Combine a tessellation activity with art, perfect to add to your Christmas activities this season. Color the pattern and then work out how to tessellate the Christmas tree for a fun and easy Christmas Math activity. Includes free Christmas tree tessellation printable below!


What are tessellations?

Tessellations are connected patterns made of repeating shapes that cover a surface completely without overlapping or leaving any holes.

For example; a checker board is a tessellation comprised of alternating colored squares. The squares meet with no overlapping and can be extended on a surface forever.

Tessellation patterns are a famous form of Mathematical art! And with a variety of tessellation styles, kids can explore new ways to make tessellating shapes while developing their spatial reasoning skills.

Have a turn at creating your own fun Christmas tessellations with our printable Christmas tree worksheet below. Let’s get started!

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Grab your free Christmas Tree Tessellation Printable here!

Christmas Tree Tessellations



STEP 1. Print the Christmas tree tessellations.


STEP 2. Color in the Christmas trees with the markers.


STEP 3. Cut out each individual Christmas tree.


STEP 4. Create a tessellation pattern with the trees and then glue onto art paper or another decorative paper.

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