There really are so many fun ways to play with LEGO besides building with LEGO sets. Though we love those too! There are tons of great LEGO activities around the house just waiting to be tried! This LEGO parachute for a mini-figure is an awesome indoor activity and a mini science lesson too! Make sure to check out all our fun LEGO activities for kids!

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Two things we seem to do quite a bit around here? Floss, and drink coffee! Is that what you would have guessed? Of course!

Why not make a coffee filter LEGO parachute to beat boredom, learn about gravity, and just have fun! All you need is a Lego man, dental floss and a coffee filter for this simple mini parachute.

Of course, you can also make colorful coffee filter crafts!

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How To Make A LEGO Parachute


  • Dental floss
  • Coffee Filter
  • LEGO Mini-figure


STEP 1. Cut 2 lengths of dental floss about a foot each {or test out different lengths to add to the science lesson}.

STEP 2. Loop each string under the LEGO man’s arms.

STEP 3. Make 2 small holes in the coffee filter, one toward the front and one toward the back {lightly fold filter in half to make even holes}.

STEP 4. Push the ends of the dental floss {one through each of the 4 holes} and secure with a tiny piece of tape.

STEP 5. Time to test our your mini parachute and let him fly!

Get Creative: Build a landing pad and see if you can get your LEGO man to land on it.

My son had a great time flying his LEGO parachute, and the Lego man landed safely each time! The Lego man usually did not get tangled as the toys can, but I did have to flip him around a couple of times.

Lego Minifigure Parachute Coffee Filter In Flight and landing on groundPin

A safe landing for our Lego man thanks to his coffee filter parachute!

How Does A Parachute Work

There’s always a science lesson to be had with projects like this coffee filter parachute. My son knows a lot about gravity, a force that pulls things back down. We tested the force of gravity by simply dropping the Lego man from the 2nd-floor balcony without a parachute. He sped to the floor, slammed into it, and broke into a couple of pieces.

Check out more fun gravity activities for kids!

That’s where a coffee filter parachute comes in handy for safety. The air resistance from the coffee filter parachute slowed him down enough to float peacefully to the ground.

When the mini coffee filter is opened up, it creates a large surface area relative to its weight. This large surface area allows the air to push against it as it falls, creating drag. As the mini figure falls, air pushes against the coffee filter parachute.

The shape of the parachute causes the air to be trapped and slowed down, creating resistance to the mini-figure’s downward motion.

The force of air resistance acting against the force of gravity gradually slows down the descent of the mini-figure. This allows it to fall more slowly and softly, reducing the impact when it reaches the ground.

By adjusting the size and shape of the coffee filter parachute, as well as the length and weight of the strings attached to it, you can control the rate of descent and ensure a safe landing for the mini-figure.

Test It Out

  • Would a bigger or smaller parachute make a difference?
  • Would a heavier parachute make a difference?
  • What happens if you use a cupcake liner or a paper plate as a parachute?
Coffee Filter Parachute Activity Minifigure ParachutePin

A coffee filter parachute takes very little time to make but provides endless possibilities!

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