Dinosaur Volcano Small World Sensory Science Play Baking Soda Science Volcano

Create a Dinosaur Volcano Small World.

Baking soda science experiments are always fun and filled with learning opportunities.

Hooray for erupting dinosaur volcanos with baking soda science! A perfect experiment for a  rainy afternoon. I wanted a neat science activity for our dinosaur week. I picked a dinosaur volcano experiment with messy sensory play. 123 Homeschool 4 Me did this type of bin (click here).  I thought the dinosaur volcano sensory bin would be perfect for us.

Dinosaur Volcan Science Set Up

Simple and quick dinosaur volcano set up!

To make the dinosaur volcano, I filled a salad dressing bottle, with warm water and red food coloring. I left a couple inches empty toward the top. I also add about 5 drops of dish detergent.  I like to use containers that have a narrow opening to really achieve a nice volcano effect We smooshed homemade play dough around the bottle. Use whatever you like, paint it, or make it bigger!

 He poured a box of baking soda into the bin and helped me spread it around. Then we placed the dinosaur volcano and a pool of blue vinegar in the bin as well. This extended the activity with more fizzing action. He arranged his dinosaurs and rocks. We even sprinkled some italian seasonings for their food! 


Dinosaur Volcano Baking Soda Science Volcano Get ready for a bubbling, fizzing dinosaur volcano!

To make the dinosaur volcano erupt, I  added about 3 table spoons of baking soda and then about an 1/8 cup of vinegar. I continued to do this until I ran out of vinegar! I ended up just coloring the bottle of vinegar red! My little guy was impressed.  I am  glad the dinosaur volcano erupted enough for him to enjoy this new science experiment. I did take out a discovery science book and show him some real photos and explain a bit about volcanos. He knows all about lava and magma. After the dinosaur volcano erupted 10 times, we mixed and played and got our hands messy. 

Dinosaur Volcano Small World Pretend PlayHe used an eye dropper to add more vinegar to the bottom of the dinosaur volcano bin. We even made a fizzing pool of water for the dinosaurs to hang out in. This was simple science and sensory play with great imaginative play.
Dinosaur Volcano Bubbling Fizzing Baking Soda Science Experiment

 This fizzing dinosaur volcano sensory bin lasted a long time! We definitely made it into a hands-on science sensory bin by the end of it! Dinosaur volcanos are easy to do! They make a great fizzing science activity to learn about chemical reactions. We have a years worth of baking soda science ideas to check out too.

Have you tried a baking soda science dinosaur volcano?

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  1. how did he cope with the smell? As my son just can’t cope – what sort of vinegar did you use, as maybe its a better smelling kind than the one we usually use for these experiments here in Sweden!

    This is fun – I wonder if the diet coke and mentoes would work for this too?

  2. Hmmm. Well it didn’t really seem to bother either of us. I actually had him sprinkle spices for pretend food and in the end it did sort of smell like an italian bread baking! I just used a cheap bottle of white vinegar. I bet the diet coke and mentos would work! Hope you get to make a volcano!

  3. Thanks so much for mentioning us! We have been doing a lot of color mixing this week for primary and secondary colors.

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