What do you think of when you hear the term STEM preschool activities? Sounds kind of crazy, like the debates about kindergarten being the new first grade. So why STEM for preschoolers and what activities are considered STEM in early childhood? Well, find out below how preschool STEM activities are easy to do and make for awesome playful learning.

Preschool STEM activities and preschool science experiments for kids ages 3-6. Why do preschool STEM? Learn how to set up an environment to encourage preschool STEM without it being challenging or adult led. Simple STEM activities and science experiments for young kids to enjoy that are playful too.

What Is STEM For Preschool?

STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and math. Some people also include art and call it STEAM! We put together a huge A to Z STEM resource for kids here with tons of ideas and information to get you started whether you are at home or in the classroom.

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Why Is STEM Important For Preschoolers?

We love participating in simple STEM activities at home, and my son always enjoys them when they are presented at school, too. Here’s our list of reasons STEM is so valuable for preschoolers…

  • Kids need time where they can wander around exploring nature and making observations.
  • Preschoolers love to build block cities, humongous towers, and crazy sculptures.
  • They need free access to blank paper and various art tools to explore colors and textures.
  • Preschoolers want to play around with loose parts and create neat patterns.
  • They need the opportunity to mix potions and get messy.

Can you see the hints of science, engineering, math, and art in all of those things? That’s what makes an activity great for preschool STEM and STEAM!

The youngest kids already know so much about ecology, geology, physics, chemistry, and astronomy. YOU just don’t realize it yet. All they need to know comes from exploring the world around them.

The best thing adults can do with preschool STEM is to stand back and observe. Maybe offer up a question or two along the way to encourage more exploration or observation. But please, please don’t lead your kids’ step by step!

Allowing your kids to engage in a STEM or STEAM rich environment provides them with immense opportunities for personal growth. Additionally, it encourages self-confidence which turns into leadership down the road.

Empower Your Kids With STEM

We need innovators, inventors, engineers, explorers, and problem solvers. We don’t need more followers but instead, we need kids that will take the lead and solve the problems that no one else has been able to solve.

And that starts with preschool STEM activities that allow kids to be kids and allows them to joyfully play and explore out of their seats.

So if you hear the word preschool STEM curriculum and you really feel like you want to roll your eyes, just remember adults like to make big titles. Your kids will adore preschool STEM activities because of the freedom they will provide.

It’s a win/win situation for adults and kids and ultimately the entire world. So what type of preschool STEM activities will you share with your kids?

What Do You Need For Preschool STEM?

There are absolutely no specific tools, toys, or products that you must have to create amazing preschool STEM activities. I guarantee that you have everything you already need!

Of course, there are always a few fun things you can add to a STEM kit and always have on hand. But I encourage you to look for those things first around the house or classroom.

Check out these helpful STEM resources…

Helpful STEM Resources To Get You Started

Here are a few resources to help you introduce STEM more effectively to your kiddos or students and feel confident when presenting materials. You’ll find helpful free printables throughout.

Click here or below to get your free science ideas pack

25 Preschool STEM Activities

Check out the suggestions below for fun STEM activities for preschoolers, from science to engineering, technology and math. Also, simple preschool STEM challenges that include all 4 areas of learning. Click on the links below to learn more about each STEM activity.

5 Senses

Observation skills start with the 5 senses. Discover how to set up a wonderful and simple discovery table for early childhood learning and play that uses all 5 senses. Plus, includes additional 5 senses activities!


Grab some items from around the home or classroom and investigate what materials absorb water and what materials don’t.

Apple Fractions

Enjoy edible apple fractions! Tasty math activity that explores fractions with young kids. Pair with our free apple fractions printable.

Balloon Rocket

3-2-1 blast off! What can you do with a balloon and a straw? Build a balloon rocket, of course! Simple to set up, and sure to get the discussion rolling about what makes the balloon move.


Mix up your own inexpensive bubble solution recipe and get blowing with one of these fun bubble science experiments. 


If you haven’t pulled out the toothpicks and marshmallows with your kids, now’s the time! These awesome building STEM activities do not need fancy equipment or expensive supplies. Make them as simple or as challenging as you like.

Chick Pea Foam

Have fun with this taste safe sensory play foam made with ingredients you probably already have in the kitchen! This edible shaving foam or aquafaba as it is commonly known is made from the water chick peas are cooked in.

Dancing Corn

Can you make corn dance?  I bet you can with this simple to set up science activity.

Egg Drop Project

Design the best way to protect your egg from breaking when dropping it from a height. Bonus suggestions for how to make this simple STEM challenge work for preschoolers.


Do you have a young paleontologist in the making? What does a paleontologist do? They discover and study dinosaur bones of course! You are going to want to set up this must-try dinosaur activity for your preschoolers.

Freezing Water

Explore the freezing point of water and find out what happens when you freeze salt water. All you need are some bowls of water, and salt.

Grow Seeds

Set up a simple seed germination jar and watch what happens to the seeds.

Ice Cream In A Bag

Make your own ice cream in a bag without using a freezer. Fun science you can eat!

Ice Play

Ice makes an amazing sensory play and science material. Ice and water play make the best non-messy/messy play around! Keep a couple towels handy and you are good to go! Check out the many fun ice melting activities you can do.


Make a homemade kaleidoscope for STEAM (Science + Art)! Find out what materials you need and how to make a kaleidoscope with a Pringles can. 

LEGO Coding

Computer coding with LEGO® is a great introduction to the world of coding using a favorite building toy. Yes, you can teach young kids about computer coding, especially if they are highly interested in computers and how they work.

Magic Milk

How do you make magic milk or color-changing rainbow milk? The chemical reaction in this magic milk experiment is fun to watch and makes for great hands-on learning.


Exploring magnets makes an awesome discovery table! Discovery tables are simple low tables set up with a theme for kids to explore. Usually the materials laid out are meant for as much independent discovery and exploration as possible. Magnets are fascinating science and kids love to play with them!

Measuring Length

Learn about what length is in math and how it is different from width with the free printable worksheet. Measure and compare the lengths of everyday objects with a hands-on STEM project.

Measuring Sensory Bin

Nature Sample Observations

Young kids love using test tubes. Go around the yard and collect a small sample to put in a test tube. Let the kids fill the test tube with a bit of water and use a magnifying glass to examine the contents.

Naked Egg

Find out why this egg in vinegar experiment is a must-try STEM activity. Can make an egg bounce? What happens to the shell? Does light pass through it? So many questions and one easy experiment using everyday supplies.


Our oobleck recipe is the perfect way to explore science and a fun sensory activity all in one!  Just two ingredients, cornstarch and water, and the right oobleck ratio make for tons of fun oobleck play.

Penny Boat Challenge

Make a tin foil boat and fill it with pennies. How many can you add before it sinks?


Explore rainbows by making them with a prism and more ideas. Just lots of fun, hands-on play in this STEM activity!


Build ramps with a stack fo books and a piece of sturdy cardboard or wood. Check out how far different cars travel and play around with the height of the ramp. You can even put different materials on the surface of the ramp to test friction. It’s great fun!


Set up some objects (we used towers of LEGO bricks) and explore shadows, or just use your body. Also, check out shadow puppets.


Make slime with one of our easy slime recipes, and learn about the science of non-Newtonian fluids.

Solids, Liquids, Gasses

Can you believe this is a very simple water science experiment you can do in little time if necessary! Explore how water changes from solid to liquid to gas.

Sugar Crystals

Sugar crystals are easy to grow from a supersaturated solution. Make homemade rock candy with this simple experiment.


Learn about volcanoes and have fun with your own erupting volcano baking soda and vinegar reaction.


Preschool STEM Project Ideas

Looking for fun STEM projects for preschool to fit in with a theme or holiday?  Our STEM activities can be easily changed up by using different materials and colors to fit a season or holiday.

Check out our STEM projects for all the major holidays/ seasons below. 

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