Liven up play and learning time with puzzle activities that will make your little one smile. Puzzles seem pretty self-explanatory. You open the box and/or dump the pieces out. You put it together. You take it apart. You put it away. How many times can you do the same puzzle the same way over and over again. I invite you to mix up your puzzle play with these super simple puzzle activities.

Fun Puzzle Activities For Early Learning

Puzzle Play Ideas Puzzle Activities for Kids Fine Motor Math Sensory Play


Get creative with your puzzle play time and work on a few skills at once. These hands-on puzzle activities make learning fun for kids. Our puzzle games will also get them moving, thinking, and laughing. You will notice that we don’t always sit to do our puzzle play. Many of these ideas include early learning skills like letter recognition and letter sounds, counting, visual sensory work, fine motor skills, as well as sensory play.

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 Unique Puzzle Activities for Every Day

For each idea listed below you will find a short description or a link to a more detailed post. all of our puzzle play activities can be adjusted to suit your supplies, kids preferences, and educational or developmental needs. Get started with a simple puzzle activity today!

Rainbow Rice Alphabet Puzzle Activity

Combine sensory play, fine motor skills, and letter learning with a simple twist on an ordinary puzzle. Use the link above to learn how to do this activity and make your own rainbow-colored rice for all kinds of fun play ideas.

Puzzle Play Activity Alphabet Sensory Bin

Letter Sound Search And Find

We used the same wooden puzzle as seen above but we tried a different learning idea. We chose a piece and practiced the letter sound. We then searched the house for an object that started with that letter sound. We were up, down, and all around. Great stuck inside activity for a rainy day with a little gross motor movement added.

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alphabet sound treasure hunt

Mixed Up Puzzle Sensory Bin

Do you have a stack of wooden puzzles? We do! I made this very simple rice sensory bin as part of our 10 ways to play with a bag of rice post! Simple sensory play ideas you can create quickly and easily at home and on a budget! I love the way he can move around.

Puzzle Play Activities Mixed Up Puzzle Sensory Bin Search

Number Train Puzzle and Counting Activity

Take a simple number train puzzle and extend the play and learning! As you can see, we first put together the puzzle. Then I added a box of loose parts. These could be gems, shells, pennies, mini animals, or whatever else you have plenty of. For each number on the train puzzle, he counted out the items of the number on the cargo car. Terrific hands-on learning. You can also talk about animals!

Puzzle Play Ideas Number Puzzle Counting Manipulative Activity

Environmental Print Cardboard Puzzles

Check out the recycling bin and practice scissor skills too!

Environmental Print Puzzles Scissor Skills Homemade Puzzles

Holiday Card Puzzle Activity

Another fun way to make puzzles is to use old postcards or even greeting cards.  This is great for practicing scissor cutting skills too.

Puzzle Play Activities Cutting Postcard Puzzles Fine Motor Skills with Scissors

Puzzle Piece Scavenger Hunt Around the House

Another get up and moving puzzle activity! This time you hide the pieces. A great use for plastic eggs when it isn’t Easter. You can hide a few pieces in one container or you can hide one to a container. Have one of those jumbo puzzles? Hide the piece itself! Greta way to make a puzzle last a little longer, have kids work together, and burn off some energy!

Puzzle Play Activity Puzzle Scavenger Hunt Around House Hidden Puzzle Pieces

Trucks and Puzzles Sensory Bin Play

Here’s another fun way to add puzzles to sensory bins! We love vehicle sensory play and this is a perfect way to make those dollar store foam puzzles a little more interesting. You can choose one of our 10 favorite sensory bin fillers.

Puzzle Play Activity Winter Sensory Bin with letters and Numbers Puzzles



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