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Exploring color through sensory play!

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Sensory Processing, Exploring & Playing!

We love colors and we love sensory bins! We use lots of sensory bins around here for all types of play and learning! One of our favorite fillers is plain old white rice. Sometimes we make it a little festive and add some color! Simple to do, take one cup or rice, 1/2 tsp vinegar, and food coloring and shake in closed container vigorously. Dry on a paper towel and play. I store my rice in a gallon zipper plastic bag when not in use. Check out how to color your sensory play materials here. 

Rainbow Sensory Bin Set Up

Since I have been making sensory bins for a while, I carefully store items from season to season and reuse them again for different sensory bins. I wanted to make a new rainbow sensory bin this year to welcome Spring! I used our colored rainbow rice filler and some clear pony beads for a little shine. I added an old CD to make rainbows with on the wall or floor, a rainbow pin wheel, a rainbow container, rainbow cups, rainbow links, Easter eggs and some fun colored spoons from the local yogurt shop (measuring spoons work too!) Keep in mind that just about everything came from the dollar store! Sensory bins can be inexpensive and easy to change around using many of the same materials!

rainbow sensory bin activity set up

rainbow sensory bin activity set up 2


Exploring the Texture of Rainbow Rice

The one thing with Liam and sensory bins is that we are trying to awaken his senses and give him sensory input to help him regulate his body! He is a sensory seeker but often an avoider of sensory input too. The filler has to be just right. He loves the feel of rice! If your child does not have any sensory processing issues, sensory bins can still provide all the same wonderful benefits. EVERY child can benefit from a sensory bin!

rainbow sensory bin exploring rice


Rainbow Sensory Bin Play

So many things to do in a sensory bin besides feel the rice! Fill and shake eggs for sound, untwist containers and practice fine motor skills and fill and dump cups!

rainbow sensory bin filling dumping


Make chains, count links, blow the pin wheel, thread the links, and turn the pin wheel into a wheel for using rice to make it spin around! This rainbow sensory bin engages so many senses for your child to talk about with you!

rainbow sensory bin exploring play

Count links and learn colors to turn it into part of your early learning lesson plan too!

rainbow sensory bin linksWith Sensory bins, the possibilities are endless! Have you made a sensory bin recently!

I hope you will follow along with us and all our sensory bins this year!


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  1. How long does the rice take to dry? I usually do the alcohol and oven method but vinegar sounds better. Our rice has lasted over a year but I think it’s time for some new batches of it.

  2. I love using vinegar and food coloring and it was probably dry on the counter in an hour or so. I put one cup of rice to dry on one square of paper towel(spread it a bit). I have never done it in the oven before!I find it quick and easy!

  3. He always points out the rainbows around the house that the sun makes so I thought it would be fun to have him make his own! Thank you!

  4. Thanks for the awesome post and for linking up to Good Tips Tuesday! I love this rainbow bin. I know my kids will too!

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