If you want to know how to make slime with Elmer’s glue, look no further! You have found the best Elmer’s glue slime recipes around. We know slime because we make slime all the time! In fact, we have been working on and perfecting our homemade slime recipe for years! Read on for all you need to know to make slime with glue and grab the free slime recipe guide.


Making Slime For Kids

Slime has become such an AMAZINGLY huge activity for kids! It’s science, sensory play; it’s a great time with families and groups! But everyone has a lot of questions about how to make the best slime. One of the key secrets is the glue.

We LOVE Elmer’s washable school glue and have used it in tons of slime recipes over the last 5 years! We have been tinkering and perfecting our slime recipes for that long! And now, we would say that Elmer’s glue is one of the best glues to make slime.

Make sure to check out our slime ingredient list!

Elmer’s Glue For Slime 

I am NOT paid by Elmer’s to use their glue, make slime, or write about making slime with their glue. See all the ingredients for slime we love to use if you click here for our recommended slime supplies page.

Elmer’s glue just works, and it seems to be what people search this website for to make slime. I don’t mind giving a shout-out to Elmer’s because their glue makes awesome slime.

We always use Elmer’s Clear Washable School Glue and White Washable School Glue. Either one works well, and it depends on the look you are going for with your slime. Go ahead and buy the gallon jugs!

Also check out the notes, tips, and videos below for our Elmer’s glue slime recipes. We have so many more recipes, but here are the basics that use either white or clear glue.

FREE printable slime recipe cheat sheets!


Tips For Making Slime With Glue

Clear Glue

If you want crystal-clear slime, stick with the borax slime recipe. It’s the only one that will work for slime that looks like glass! We have an alternative clear slime recipe here, and it’s a close 2nd!

To showcase special confetti without food coloring, you want really clear slime. You will want to use the clear slime recipe. If you want to use food coloring, any of the four basic recipes will work!

Clear glue is also best for rich colors, and the sparkle of glitter like our galaxy slime or Harry Potter slimes. Clear glue is also awesome for making extreme glitter slime! No need to buy special glitter glue.

Clear glue can make a stiffer slime, but we have tinkered with this year’s recipe to find the best ratio of powder to water!

White Glue

White glue will need more food coloring added for deeper shades, but it is possible to achieve bright colors. Take a look at our Emoji slime! White glue slime also makes pretty pastels like our cotton candy slime. Glitter and confetti can get lost in the white glue.

We also use white glue for our fluffy slime recipe, but clear glue works. Clear glue is more expensive, so we reserve it when it comes in handy! White glue makes a thinner, looser slime.

Helpful Slime Making Resources

Everything you need to know about making slime is below! Did you know we also have fun with science activities too?

Fun Things To Do With Elmer’s Glue

Each slime recipe has a page with step-by-step directions, photos, and video! Everywhere you see a “click here for,” give it a click and read all our special tips and tricks for the specific recipe.

Saline Solution Slime

This is our #1 most-viewed slime recipe. It’s one of the best homemade slime recipes and the most versatile for people to use worldwide. Saline solution makes wonderfully stretchy slime that kids love. The important tip is to get the right slime ingredients first. Read more here.

Saline Solution Slime

Liquid Starch Slime

Another quick and easy slime to make, especially with young kids! Measure, mix, and go! A simple 3 ingredient slime recipe is a must-try. Find everything you need to know here.

Crystal Clear Slime

There’s a little tip included in this recipe if you want to achieve the liquid glass look with clear glue. Borax powder is the recipe to use for making crystal clear slime, or else you will end up with a cloudier clear slime. Read more for the super special trick…

Fluffy Slime

Kids go nuts for fluffy slime! Fluffy slime is exactly what the title says, fluffy! You achieve the fluffiness with shaving cream. This is one of our favorite Elmer’s glue slime recipes. Read more on how to achieve the most fluffy, fluffy slime!

Borax Slime

Although we shared the borax crystal clear glue slime recipe above, it’s super easy to make using white glue too. Read on for the slime recipe.

Borax Slime

Flubber Slime

Flubber! Have you ever seen the movie? We can’t make our flubber move quite how they could, but this recipe makes a super thick, stretchy slime substance that still oozes. It might not power a car to fly, but…. click here to make yours!

Butter Slime

Soft clay slime is a real treat to make with Elmer’s glue! Some people call it butter slime, but this recipe has no real butter! Mixing in soft clay at just the right point creates a buttery smooth texture… Read more here.

Glow In The Dark Slime

Who doesn’t love glowing goo? We add a special ingredient for an intensely glowing slime that doesn’t require a black light! Read more on the science of glowing slime too…

Super Stretchy Slime

This slime stretches big time for an amazing slime consistency! Try this unique recipe for a fun variation of the saline solution slime recipe. Read more here…

Printable Slime Recipe Cards

Grab your Elmer’s glue in gallon jugs and get slimy! We love our Elmers glue slime recipes and know you will too. Email me if you still have slime-making fails after reading through our “how to fix slime” guide!

As promised, we have simple-to-use recipe cheat sheets to get you started! Learn how to master the basic slime recipes we have perfected over the years! Click on the download button below to claim your set.

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  3. Here’s my question: can you make fluffy, shaving cream slime using clear glue? We’ve got 4 bottles of clear and no white glue and a 10 yo girl who needs to be occupied over Christmas break!

  4. I have never made it with clear glue but I honestly don’t see why not. Really it won’t be clear fluffy slime because of all the white shaving cream. I think thats one of the biggest reasons why you don’t see it and the other being that clear glue has always been more expensive. Give it a try and see what happens!

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