Get ready to go on a scavenger hunt… We have 7 different printable scavenger hunts for kids to choose from to get the kids moving and get their spirits up! If you’ve been feeling a bit stuck, let’s get you unstuck with these scavenger hunt ideas, including indoors, in the backyard, with the camera, and around the neighborhood. Get out and about or even use one on a rainy day indoors and explore your surroundings. We have loads of fun activities for kids to try.

Which of these Free Printable Scavenger Hunts will you try first? 

I love watching my kiddo go on the hunt and see what he finds or how he interprets the items on the list.

Scavenger hunts are a great way to promote literacy, physical activity, memory/recall, and connection!

Tip: Don’t have a printer? View from a device as you go on the hunt!

TIP: If the kiddos can’t find exactly what’s on the list, have them think outside of the box a little bit. For example, if you can’t find a butterfly flying around, look for one on a flag, a wreath, or a mailbox instead! Last resort, grab a book! Get creative!

Keep it Indoors

The rain got you stuck inside?

This printable indoor scavenger hunt will send the kids exploring all the corners of the house. Have the kids race each other, set a time limit, or tell them they can’t all use the same item from the same place.

You can also assign older kiddo to help out younger kiddo and give hints or suggestions along the way. Make this scavenger hunt fit your needs with easy tweaks.

Need even more indoor activities for the kiddos? We have a great list that ranges from simple science activities to LEGO challenges to sensory play recipes. Plus, they all use common household supplies, making your setup easier and your wallet even happier!

While they are off on this indoor scavenger hunt, set up this super simple balloon tennis game for them!

Take it to the Backyard

We have two printable scavenger hunts for the outdoors! One keeps you in your backyard and one takes you around the neighborhood. Both are a great way to get outside, get a little fresh air, a dose of vitamin D, and some fresh air!

If you need to get the kids out in nature more, we have fun ways to explore the outside without ever needing to leave the backyard! Set up a square-foot jungle with just some string and sticks, and let your kids become jungle explorers for the afternoon. Examine dirt or stream water. Be a collector and start up a rock collection. Our outside activities collection also includes some great free printables.

Why not make some birdseed ornaments to hang outside while you’re at it!

Make it a Photography Scavenger Hunt

Kids will love grabbing the camera or using a device to snap pictures! For an added activity, have them write a story around all their pictures using the photo prompts in the scavenger hunt for sentence starters!

Here’s an alternative photo scavenger hunt idea for when you need another activity: Use your phone to take pictures of items around the house or yard. Focus on a small detail of the item for older kiddos and a larger detail for younger kiddos. Take twenty or so pictures and send them on their way! You could have them record the names of the items they found.

Go Around the Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt

Take this neighborhood scavenger hunt with you when you stroll around the block! Take a closer look at the neighborhood and the houses around you. Make sure not to go into neighbors’ yards without permission!

What’s the Color Scavenger Hunt?

Look for colors everywhere and anywhere!

COLOR SCAVENGER HUNT IDEA #1: Use the color scavenger hunt inside! Hand each kiddo a reusable shopping bag and send them to collect items of each color to return and show you!

COLOR SCAVENGER HUNT IDEA #2: You can also use the color scavenger hunt outside with bits, flags, mailboxes, flowers, houses, and more! Take a picture of something in every color, draw what you found, or simply point it out!

COLOR SCAVENGER HUNT IDEA #3: Take a picture of something in that color and see if everyone can guess it; the smaller the section of the item you photograph, the harder it will be! Can you stump your family with the photos you take? It’s a combination scavenger hunt with photography,  indoor/outdoor, or neighborhood!

Bonus: Bingo Scavenger Hunts

Also included in this scavenger hunt pack of goodies is bingo-style hunts for both indoors and outdoors. While not a traditional bingo game, it’s still a fun alternative to a traditional list-style scavenger hunt!

Free Printable Scavenger Hunt for Kids Pack

Download seven fun scavenger hunts for kids in this activity pack!

Now you’re ready for the days ahead with plenty of scavenger hunts to keep the kiddos busy!

Map Activity Pack

A scavenger hunt could include a map! Download this free map activity pack to learn more about maps! You can also make this DIY compass!

STEM Scavenger Hunt

Download this quick STEM scavenger hunt and building challenge to keep the kids busy for an engineering-themed day!

Math Scavenger Hunt for Measuring

Break out the ruler and measure inside, and outside, or find something that is…Grab this free math scavenger hunt for the classroom or at home!

US Geography Scavenger Hunts

Take a trip around the United States map with this fun geography scavenger hunt for kids.

Go On a Shape Hunt

Reinforce learning about shapes with a shape-themed scavenger hunt for young kids or send the older kids lose in the house to see what they can find.

Tip: For younger kids, you can cut shapes out of paper and tape them around a room to get started!

Shape Hunt

Go on a Pattern Hunt

Get your kids to be pattern detectives with this unique pattern scavenger hunt that will have them looking for patterns everywhere. It’s not just about fabrics either…there are patterns in nature everywhere, so encourage them to think abstractly too!

Eye Spy Scavenger Hunt

This free scavenger hunt is a little different too! Hunt for things that start with a certain letter or can be found in specific quantities, such as 12 for the forks in the drawer or the letter K for the kiwi on the fruit salad.

More Popular Kid’s Activities to Try

There are so many ways to have everyday fun with simple activities; you’ll never run out of ideas to spend time together with the kids activities below!

Printable Nature Project Pack: Get Outside

Take this pack outdoors for hands-on learning outside!

  • Nature theme writing prompts make for the start of a fantastic outdoor nature journal.
  • Explore nature-themed STEM challenges that encourage your kiddos to use supplies found in nature and natural materials to complete.
  • Discover the birds in your backyard, and learn how to make different kinds of kid-friendly bird feeders.
  • Observe a favorite flower or leaf, and go on a scavenger hunt!
  • Discover how to set up a one-square-foot backyard jungle project.
  • Explore what it’s like to be a collector and create your own collection.
  • Explore the senses outside.
  • Simple leaf science activities with leaves, including leaf rubbing, how leaves breathe, and leaf drawing.
  • Start a seed jar and observe how a plant grows under the ground!
  • Build an insect hotel for your garden using natural and found materials.

BONUS: Pinecone Activity Pack included!


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