The weather is improving, and if you are anything like us, you want to spend time outside. Now’s the time to pull out the list of easy outdoor activities for kids. Make sure to grab the free printable guides! Everything from outdoor art to STEM, depending on your preferences and interest. Plus, there are heaps of outdoor activities that you can do with the whole family. Are you ready to soak up some Vitamin D?

The best most fun outdoor things to do with kids includes outdoor science, STEM, sensory play, and more!Pin

Things To Do In Your Backyard

When you find extra time on your hands at home but can still get outside at least, you may need a few tricks up your sleeve! We’re here to help!

We also have a big list of fun indoor activities too!

Now I want to share some big-time fun outdoor activities for when you can’t fit in schoolwork when you have multiple age groups at home and need to keep the younger kiddos busy while, the older kids work on lessons, or when the kids are bored and want things to do outside.

If you have toddlers at home, check out our backyard ideas, which are easy to set up even if you have a small backyard!

Let’s Get Outside!

What can I do outside today? You could…

  • Draw something!
  • Plant something!
  • Explore something!
  • Get something wet!
  • Build something!
  • Grow something!
  • The possibilities are endless…
  • We can even help you throw together a plan for an outdoor nature summer camp!
  • Grab the 100 Outdoor Activities list instantly and hang it on the fridge.

50 Fun Things To Do Outside In Your Backyard

Click on the links below to start with some of our favorite outdoor activities for kids!

Try A Bottle Rocket

3-2-1 Blast off with a homemade bottle rocket using a plastic soda bottle and a chemical reaction between baking soda and vinegar! Or try it these easy Alka Seltzer rockets.

Make A Mentos Geyser

Try this classic Diet Coke and Mentos eruption for some cool chemistry. You might be surprised to learn that this isn’t necessarily a chemical reaction!

Fizzy Sidewalk Paint

Make it fizzy and takes it outside. Fizzing outdoor paint is a fun way to take science outside this year!

Painted Rocks

We love to hunt for painted rocks on our walk every day and we have been finding tons of new ones each week. They really brighten the trail and can create a fun I Spy game for kids.

DIY Sidewalk Chalk

Have you ever wondered if you can make your own outdoor sidewalk chalk? Absolutely! Check out the easy recipe here.

Puffy Sidewalk Paint

This is the best sidewalk paint recipe ever to take outside! Easy to make and washes away just fine! Watch the video.


Birdseed Ornaments

The birds will love this one. Plus, you can also check out our classic cardboard tube bird feeder or a veggie bag bird feeder! Watch the video too!

Engineer a Water Wall

This water STEM activity is so much fun whether you have a fence, railing, trellis; all you need is a bit of creativity for endless hours of play!

Homemade Water Wall for KidsPin

Make A Homemade Pulley System

The best outdoor activities are the easiest ones! Kids love pulleys and our homemade pulley system is sure to be a permanent fixture in your backyard this season.

Build A Fort

Make your own stick fort for outdoor engineering.

Build an Insect Hotel

We might not be able to go stay in a hotel but you can make one for the bugs in your garden. Read about all the advantages of having a bug hotel in your yard and see how we made ours!

Make A Bee Hotel

Take the learning outdoors and explore the world of bees with a DIY bee hotel. 


Bubble Fun

Bubble science experiments, homemade bubble wands, 3D bubbles and more! Click on the link to watch the video. Check out two ways to make homemade bubble solution.

Go On An Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

Grab our pack of free printable scavenger hunts right here. There’s 8 to choose from!

Set Up a Square Foot Jungle

A fun way to take the science lesson into the yard and learn how to observe a small section of the outdoors very carefully.

Make A DIY Kite

A great family project or older sibling/younger sibling project.


Outdoor Science Lab

Do your kiddos love to whip up potions and experiment outside? It’s a great way to move the mess outdoors with nice weather.

Erupting Sandbox Volcano 

Yes! You can build a volcano in the sandbox. Super easy and fun for kids.

sandbox volcano major eruption with baking soda and vinegarPin

Build A Toy Zip Line

This is a fun way to explore simple physics outside!

Make Ice Cream In a Bag

Everyone’s favorite and a tasty afternoon treat. No matter how warm it is outside though, you will need winter gloves! See the video!

Make A DIY Solar Oven 

Of course, you will need a very warm and sunny day, but there’s no harm in experimenting!


Create LEGO Sun Prints

You don’t need fancy solar print paper for this activity, we used simple LEGO bricks and construction paper to create these fun sun prints.

Make Rain Prints

For days that aren’t sunny, why not not make a rain painting outdoors. Draw a colorful sky, and set your drawing outside on a rainy day and watch what happens.


Nature Sensory Bin

Super simple! All you need is a bin or tray and nature items from around the yard. Add plastic bugs or animals for play and storytelling.

Icy LEGO Rescue

Icy play is perfect for outdoor fun, and here we added a fun LEGO theme.

Bubble Snakes

These gigantic bubble snakes are fun and easy to make!

Sand Foam

Shaving cream and play sand make a great messy but fantastic sensory experience for kids! Perfect for things to do outside. See the video.


Fun With Exploding Bags

Hilarious fun with bursting or burping bags and a common chemical reaction. Outdoor science at its best!

Popping Bag

Make A Cloud Viewer

Will the clouds bring rain? Part craft, part Earth Science as you learn about clouds and get outside to discover what clouds are in your sky.

Mud Pie Slime

Did you know you can make mud pie slime? Mix it up outside too! Use one of our basic slime recipes (here) and add a small scoop of dirt.


UV Color Changing Slime

If you love slime, you’ll love color-changing slime with UV pigment powder. You can also use UV color-changing beads as an alternative and then enjoy making bracelets too. Take your slime into the sun and see what happens to the color!

Pool Noodle Activities

Over 25 pool noodle ideas from outdoor water play to structure building. Who would have thought there were so many fun things to do with a pool noodle!

Leakproof Bag Experiment

It’s a classic, and best left for outside experimenting!


Build an Anemometer

Learn all about the science of wind and test your engineering skills by taking this DIY anemometer project outside!

Fly Swatter Painting

A fly swatter instead of a paintbrush? Absolutely! Who says you can only paint with a brush and your hand?

Fly Swatter Painting

Download this free printable outdoor art guide with clickable links to get you started!


Water Gun Painting

Why not use your water pistols to create a fun action painting outside! Action painting is a type of art where the artists see the canvas as a space for action.

Nature’s Paint Brushes

Get the kids outdoors and collect items you find to make your own homemade nature paint brushes. Painting with nature paint brushes is fun and easy to do.

Ice Cube Painting

Outdoor fun with a super cool and colorful ice cube painting activity! All you need is an ice cube tray, water, food coloring, and paper.

Bubble Art

Mix up your own simple bubble paint and grab a bubble wand. Talk about budget-friendly outdoor art!

Bubble Painting

Printable Nature Projects Pack

Get the printable nature fun pack…

  • Nature theme writing prompts make for the start of a fantastic outdoor nature journal.
  • Explore nature-themed STEM challenges that encourage your kiddos to use supplies found in nature and natural materials to complete.
  • Discover the birds in your backyard, learn how to make different kinds of kid-friendly bird feeders.
  • Observe a favorite flower or leaf, and go on a scavenger hunt or two!
  • Discover how to set up a one square foot backyard jungle project.
  • Explore what it’s like to be a collector and set up your own collection.
  • Explore the senses outside.
  • Simple leaf science activities with leaves including leaf rubbing, how do leaves breathe, and leaf drawing.
  • Start a seed jar and observe how a plant grows even under the ground!
  • Build an insect hotel for your garden using natural and found materials.
  • Many nature-inspired scavenger hunts to get you moving.
  • BONUS: Pine Cone Pack included!


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  2. We’ve made a kite like this and it was really fun. Also lets kids run off some energy during the play 🙂
    My son’s favorite place outdoor is his nook under the climbing frame. We’ve made a busyboard to place there, and not it’s the ultimate Rascals headquarters 😀

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