Fall brings around one of our favorite books that aren’t just for the younger crowd, Ten Apples Up On Top by Dr. Seuss! You are going to love the terrific Ten Apples Up On Top activities we have put together for this classic apple theme book. I know you will get some mileage out of many of these ideas for the older kids. Plus, you’ll find a free printable below perfect for adding a bit of apple STEM to your season. Simple science and STEM is seasonless.


Ten Apples Up On Top Activities for Kids that include apple science, apple STEM, apple sensory play and apple math activities for kids of all ages.


Your apple activities don’t have to be just about counting to 10 when you pull out the book Ten Apples Up On Top! It also doesn’t have to be just for the younger kids either. Below you will see a variety of ways you can pair this classic apple book for kids with easy to set up science, STEM, sensory, and math activities.

Whether you want to make playdough, set up a sensory bin, stack apples, or just enjoy an apple taste test with ten apples…

You are going to find favorite apple activities for kids of all abilities. Plus, there’s a free printable you can add to your STEM station, group time, or home activity.


First, you are going to want to grab the free printable below to add to your STEM stations, tinker baskets, or maker spaces for a fun fall theme. This printable file is also perfect for library groups. Combine STEM and literacy for an all in one project this fall!

How will you stack 1o apples?

We supply several fun ideas and a sheet of printable apples you can attach to items you already have, such as cups, blocks, index cards, recycled materials, and whatever else you have available! Try adding an apple theme to any of these structure building variations.

You can see a variety of ways to “stack” apples here.

Playdough is a fun way to combine sensory play and STEM. Stack your apples made from playdough with this fun apple scented playdough activity and recipe. You can even incorporate parts of an apple the way we have it set up.

  • Idea #1: Older kids can even take the 10×10 challenge and stack 100 apples up on top with cups.
  • Idea #2:  LEGO apples or a LEGO apple tree mosaic is another excellent way to encourage old kids to flex their design skills. Build 10 LEGO apples and stack them!
  • Idea #3: Younger kids will love stacking block towers with the paper apples taped to them as they follow along with the book. Do you have plastic animals you can add to the fun?
  • Idea #4: Challenge the kids to make an apple tower as tall as themselves, and you can provide one apple cut out to place on top of the tower.
  • Idea #5: Make playdough apples and use toothpicks to stack them!

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  • Check out our book and bin with Ten Apples Up On Top and discover a simple way to set up a sensory bin with an apple theme for math and literacy!
  • Print out the apples using a reduced scale and attach to clothespins for fun with counting. Add a wooden paint stirrer with numbers written on it and have the kiddos match up the numbers!
  • Laminate the apples and add them to a sensory bin for pretend “apple picking.” Make sure to include a small basket or bucket. You can number the apples and kids can pick them in order or put them in order when picked! Practice 1-1 counting skills. Make it numbers 1-20 for an added challenge.
  • Use the apples for a ten frame activity or lesson.



If you are looking for even more STEM activities this fall to go along with Ten Apples Up On Top, you will find a great assortment right here all using real apples as the base for the learning. These activities are a great way to take a book geared for younger kids and still have fun on a broader level for older kids.

You can check out the following real apple STEM activities:

Click here for more Real Apple STEM Activities.


The book Ten Apples Up On Top by Dr. Seuss also pairs well with sensory play, sensory bins, and sensory recipes. Whether you like to make slime, oobleck, playdough, or set up sensory bins, adding a book is a wonderful way to create playful, hands-on learning.

Here are some great ideas for apple sensory play:


There are so many ways to explore this favorite fall kid’s book! Go ahead and pair this apple book with a science, STEM, or sensory activity for an excellent learning experience this fall.

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Oh and don’t forget the 5 Little Pumpkins for later fall 🙂


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