Explore number sense from 1 to 10, and kindergarten math activities all using this free ten frame printable sheet and favorite counters like LEGO bricks! What is number sense? What is a ten frame math grid? How do you use ten frame printable sheets? Find all the answers below as well as free ten frame printable pack to get you started!

Duple Make Ten Math Ten Frame math Printable Activity Sheets Kindergarten Math

What is Number Sense?

Number sense is crucial for kids learning math because it forms the foundation for future math success. As a result, kids with good number sense ultimately have a more intuitive feel for numbers and math concepts.

Here are some reasons why number sense is so important for kids:

  1. Basic Understanding of Numbers: Number sense helps kids grasp the basicl concept of quantity and the meaning behind numbers. It allows them to recognize that “3” represents three items, whether they are apples, fingers, or any other objects.
  2. Flexible Thinking: When kids develop number sense, they can think flexibly about numbers. They understand that numbers can be composed and decomposed in various ways. For example, they recognize that the number 8 can be made up of 5 and 3, 2 and 6, or 4 and 4.
  3. Mental Math Skills: Strong number sense enables children to perform mental calculations easily. They can more easily add, subtract, multiply, or divide numbers mentally.
  4. Estimation: Number sense allows children to estimate quantities quickly and accurately. They can make reasonable guesses about the size of a group of objects without counting them individually.
  5. Problem-Solving: When children have a solid understanding of numbers, they can approach various math problems with confidence. Number sense helps them choose appropriate strategies and make sense of solutions.
  6. Mathematical Relationships: Number sense lays the groundwork for understanding mathematical relationships, such as greater than, less than, and equal to.
  7. Real-World Applications: Number sense has practical applications in everyday life, such as cooking and baking or saving money to buy something special. Of course, later in life, finances and budgeting are important too.
  8. Mathematical Fluency: Number sense contributes to mathematical fluency, which means quickly and accurately recalling basic math facts. This is super important as math concepts increase in difficulty.
  9. Reduces Math Anxiety: Developing number sense early on can help reduce math anxiety in kids. When they feel confident in their understanding of numbers, they are more likely to associate positive feelings with math.
  10. Critical for Higher Math Concepts: As children progress to higher levels of math, such as algebra, geometry, and calculus, a strong number sense becomes even more critical.
Using Duple Ten Frame Printable for Subitizing

What is a Math Grid?

A ten frame printable math grid is a visual tool used to help young kids develop number sense, counting skills, and basic math concepts.

It consists of a grid with two rows, each containing five boxes, for a total of ten boxes. These boxes are designed to represent numbers from 1 to 10 in a structured and organized manner.

Each box in the grid represents one object, such as a dot, a circle, a counter, or any other symbol that children can easily manipulate. Here we are using LEGO or Duplo bricks, a favorite!

The ten frame helps kids visualize numbers, understand number relationships, and perform basic operations like addition and subtraction.

You can use ten frame printable math grids in various, hands-on math activities to engage young kids. Plus, you can add fun themes for holidays and seasons depending on the items you choose to count with!

You’ll find several types of ten frame printable sheets or math grids below, for numbers 1-10, to work on number sense, comparing numbers, adding, and substracting!

How to Use a Ten Frame Printable

Using a ten frame math grid is an excellent way to introduce young kids to basic math concepts, particularly for counting, addition, and subtraction. Ten frames provide a visual and hands-on tool that helps children develop a strong foundation in number sense. Here’s how you can use a ten frame math grid with young kids:

Introduce the Ten Frame

Introduce the concept of ten frames to kids and show them how they work.

STEP 1: Explain that it is a grid with two rows, each containing five boxes. The boxes are meant to represent numbers from 1 to 10.

STEP 2: Place your counters in the boxes to demonstrate using a ten frame.

STEP 3: Then, have them practice placing counters or objects as you call out a number or use the free printable pack with numbered sheets to practice.

TIP: Use fun counters for different holidays and seasons to keep it fresh and engaging for kids.

Ten Frame Activity Ideas

Counting: Use the ten frame to help kids count numbers. For example, fill in the boxes from 1 to 10 sequentially, pointing at each box as you count. This helps children understand the relationship between numbers and the arrangement of ten frames.

Subitizing: Subitizing is recognizing the number of objects in a set without counting. Use the ten frame to show different arrangements of counters or objects and ask kids to quickly identify the number without counting.

Addition: Introduce addition using the ten frame. For example, to add 3 + 2, place 3 counters in one row and 2 counters in the second row. Help kids count all the objects together, emphasizing that the full ten frame grid represents the total (in this case, 5).

Subtraction: Similarly, use the ten frame grid for subtraction. For 8 – 3, fill the ten frame with 8 counters and then have kids remove three counters, counting how many are left.

Visualizing Numbers: Ten frames help children visualize numbers and understand their composition. For example, show them that 6 counters can be represented as 5 + 1 or 2 + 4, reinforcing the idea of number combinations.

Playing Games: Make learning fun by turning activities into games. For instance, have kids roll a die and represent the number rolled using the ten frame. If using two dice, grab an additional ten frame.

Comparing Numbers: You can also use ten frames to compare numbers. For instance, use two ten frames with different numbers of counters and ask kids to determine which one is greater or smaller.

Free Ten Frame Printable Math Grids

Use the sheets included in the printable ten frame math grid pack for the following activities:

  • Practice Number Sense
  • Practice Counting
  • Practice Adding and Subtracting
  • Practice Comparing Numbers

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