Add these fun Thanksgiving worksheets and printables to your lesson plans this fall! Perfect for kindergarten, and elementary-age kiddos at home or in the classroom. These Thanksgiving printable activities cover STEM, Math, literacy, art, and more. Tons of printable Thanksgiving activities the kids will have a blast trying including a menu for STEMs-Giving, and turkey worksheets!



Below you will find fun printable Thanksgiving activities with full supply lists and step-by-step instructions.

Instead of downloading and printing out each individual activity (some are not even available as downloads), get the complete Thanksgiving worksheet pack!

It includes more than 20 Thanksgiving science, STEM, and art activities to try! Over 150 Thanksgiving worksheets and printables for tons of fun and learning!

Plus, it includes my favorite theme, STEMS-Giving! Plan a menu for Thanksgiving STEM filled with edible science projects.

Also check out our apple worksheets, pumpkin worksheets, and fall worksheets!

Printable Thanksgiving STEM Challenge Cards

Kids will love these Thanksgiving STEM challenges, plus includes a simple engineering kit list filled with easy-to-find supplies. Encourage the kids to get creative with fun individual or group activities that are perfect for maker spaces or tinker tables.

Build a…

  • Turkey out of basic bricks
  • Turkey in Disguise
  • Turkey Zip Line
  • Tallest Cranberry Tower
  • The Mayflower
  • Thanksgiving Table
  • Pilgrim’s Shelter


Try these Thanksgiving themed brick building activities perfect for your brick building fans. Add to centers, quiet time activities, group projects, and more!

Bread In A Bag

Between pumpkins and cranberries, physics, and chemistry, this bread in a bag activity is a great way to develop math, science, and fine motor skills!

Homemade Butter

Delicious homemade butter is minutes away and all you need is one simple ingredient and your own two arms.

Popcorn Science

Get set to experiment with our easy microwave popcorn recipe, and find out why popcorn pops.

Dancing Cranberry Experiment

This is a super simple and fun way to explore states of matter, density, and more for Thanksgiving!

Cranberry Oobleck

Make a Thanksgiving theme oobleck, from a few simple ingredients.

Cranberry Secret Messages

A great way to explore acids and bases with the kids for a fun Thanksgiving theme!

Potato Experiment

When potatoes are cooked (with heat), they undergo a change! But is it a chemical or physical change?

Thanksgiving Bunting

Kids will love coloring in and then making their own Happy Thanksgiving Banner for their Thanksgiving celebrations.

Picasso Turkey Art

Get creative with our Picasso inspired turkey project. A fun way to learn about abstract art!

Thanksgiving Zentangle

Create relaxing zentangle art with a fun and easy Thanksgiving theme!

Turkey Worksheets

Kids will love these turkey in disguise ideas. Using our printable supplies list come up with a clever disguise for a turkey, play a build a turkey game, write a turkey in disguise story as well as enjoy fun turkey color by number sheets. Bonus, includes a turkey escape STEM challenge!

Thanksgiving Math Worksheets

Fun printable Thanksgiving Math activities that includes a number turkey challenge, building 3-D shapes and more.

More Printable Thanksgiving Activities

Have fun with printable games and activities to round out your Thanksgiving theme. Such as…

  • Thanksgiving Would You Rather cards
  • Thanksgiving I Spy
  • Thanksgiving Sudoku
  • Thanksgiving Word Puzzle
  • Thanksgiving Decoder Ring
  • Thanksgiving Word Search, and more.