LEGO is an amazing system. There are endless possibilities for creations of all shapes and sizes. We love anything to do with robots, so I thought it would be fun and a great fine motor STEAM activity to build mini LEGO robots. I personally love all those super tiny little LEGO bricks and pieces. Plus there are some pretty neat pieces that really can add detail to a creation if you know how to use them. My son calls them unique pieces. Our mini LEGO robots building activity is perfect for these unique pieces.

Building Mini LEGO Robots STEAM Activity

Building mini LEGO robots for a fine motor STEAM activity

We have separated these fun pieces into a smaller container so they don’t get lost among the larger bricks and pieces. That way we can work with them more often and learn how to dress up a creation with them. For this activity I further separated them into a large egg carton crate, so we could really take a look at all of our tiny pieces for building mini LEGO robots. The challenge was to test out as many of these pieces as possible, design a robot, and work on fine motor skills all at the same time. LEGO is excellent for that!

Supplies for Mini LEGO Robots:

Check the bottom of the page for some of the LEGO sets we have purchased to build our collection.

All the tiny LEGO pieces you have!

Plus different types of connectors and specialty pieces

Accessories like antennas, magnifying glasses, binoculars, car parts

Classic LEGO bricks for building bases

Egg carton or other type of divided tray for sorting small pieces

We have some simple and affordable LEGO organizing ideas here.

Mini LEGO robots building bricks and pieces in egg carton crate

Building Mini LEGO Robots

There are no real directions for building mini LEGO robots! It’s up to your imagination. A fun suggestion would be to sketch your ideas for mini LEGO robots first! We read about LEGO designers in one of our LEGO visual dictionary books how some designers like to draw their ideas first and some designers like to jump right into building their ideas.

Mini LEGO robots creations from loose LEGO bricks and pieces

Fine motor skills is built right into all LEGO building activities but especially so in these mini robots. A ton of finger strength and dexterity is needed to work with such small pieces as well as good hand-eye coordination.

Mini LEGO robots for fine motor skills

You can build gadgets, gizmos, and accessories of all kinds for your mini LEGO robots. We built a charging station for our whole family of robots. Free play building with LEGO is one of our very favorite activities.

Mini LEGO robot family STEAm activity for kids

Grab a container of loose bricks and pieces and see what you can invent today?

Build Mini LEGO Robots for Simple Play and Learning Time!

Mini LEGO Robots STEAM

More fun robot and LEGO ideas. Click on photos.

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