Three cheers for Christmas slime we have named elf snot! Snot slime of any kind is one of my son’s favorite names for our homemade slime. I can always entice him to make a new batch of oozing, gooey, homemade slime if I mention snot! Elf snot slime is perfect for Christmas slime making fun this holiday season with the kiddos.

HOW TO MAKE CHRISTMAS SLIME Elf snot slime for an easy Christmas slime recipe with 2 ingredientsEASY CHRISTMAS SLIME FOR KIDS

Kids love to make glitter slime, theme slimes, and favorite color slimes!  Our Christmas themed, elf snot slime is all the best slime ingredients in one bottle because the glitter and the color are already provided. You can always add a bit more glitter or confetti too!

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NOTE: You absolutely can buy glitter glue in other colors like our pretty pink slime or our  Halloween slime. Additionally, you can make this easy slime recipe with clear glue, food coloring and glitter!

Slime making is a serious matter with kids, and I know everyone is looking for the best slime recipes around.  Our Elf Snot Slime Recipe is yet another AMAZING slime recipe the kids will love this holiday season. Just two ingredients which are glitter glue and liquid starch. Now if you don’t want to use liquid starch, you can absolutely test out one of our other basic slime recipes using saline solution or borax powder.

No more having to print out a WHOLE blog post for just one recipe!

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Of course there is always going to be some mess with slime (see how to remove it from clothes and hair here)!


  • 2 Bottle of Elmer’s Washable Glitter Glue (red and green)
  • 1/8-1/4 cup of Liquid Starch such as Lin it or Sta Flo Brand (Note: We use Lin it brand in our video and use about an  1/8 of a cup. Sta-flo brand may require a bit more!)
  • Fun mix-ins? You can add Christmas theme confetti or foam beads for a floam!

SLIME TIP: Don’t have glitter glue but lots of clear glue? You can make this glitter slime recipe with clear glue, food coloring, and plenty of glitter instead. It uses the same recipe.


STEP 1:  Start by adding your glitter glue to a bowl and grab a mixing utensil. You make each color individually if you want a green and red Christmas slime mix.

STEP 2:  Start adding up to 1/8 cup of liquid starch slowly and stir well until slime consistency forms.

For a single batch of slime 1/8 to 1/4 cup does the trick (depending on brand), but if you think it’s still too sticky, continue to add a few drops at a time until you find the consistency you want.

NOTE: Brands of liquid starch may vary. We have found less starch is needed using Lin it brand but more is needed with Sta flo brand!

STEP 4: Knead your slime well after mixing. Kneading the slime really helps to improve it’s consistency.

SLIME TIP #1: Is Your Slime Too Sticky?

If your slime still feels too sticky, you need more starch.  Be careful, and add just a little at a time until you get the consistency you want. If you add too much liquid starch your slime will become stiff and rubbery. You can always add, but you can’t take away.

The first time you make slime usually needs some experimentation to find the slimy consistency that’s right for you. Slime making can be a bit like goldilocks finding the right bed or the right porridge. Some kids like it messier and some kids like it firmer.

You will love how easy and stretchy this glitter glue Christmas slime recipe is to make, and play with too!

Once you have your desired slime consistency, go ahead and play!

This also makes the perfect slime party idea and/or party favor. Kids will love making elf snot at your Christmas party.

SLIME TIP #2:  Make Stripes!

Stretch pieces of slime into long “snakes” and place side by side to create a striped effect. Keep in mid that eventually the colors will mix together.

SLIME TIP #3: Stretch Slime Slowly

How big of a stretch can you get? You can read all about this in the science of slime. Pull too hard and your slime breaks fast! Many times this is why people don’t consider their slime stretchy enough.  Instead pull your Christmas slime slowly to get the biggest stretch.



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