The wagon ride to the pumpkin patch, have you ever been on one of those? I know we remember it fondly every time October rolls around. Pumpkins are such a classic fall theme and early childhood is an amazing time for fun pumpkins activities!

We picked out some of our favorite kindergarten and preschool pumpkin activities that turn basic learning concepts into awesome playful activities. Makes sure to check out all our fall science activities.

Best kindergarten and preschool pumpkin activities include pumpkin science, pumpkin STEM, pumpkin math, pumpkin sensory play, and pumpkin book ideas for kids!


These simple ideas will have you enjoying great Fall learning all season long. Easy to find supplies and inexpensive pumpkins make great opportunities for hands-on play and learning.

I like activities that are easy to set up, fun to do, and keep the attention of my busy little boy.


Click the links below to check out our best pumpkin activities for preschoolers and kindergarten to try this Fall. Find set up instructions, materials, tips, and play ideas!

Mini Pumpkin volcano

Combine mini pumpkins with a simple kitchen chemistry experiment!

Pumpkin activities - Mini Erupting Pumpkin Volcanos Baking Soda Eruptions Fall Science

Pumpkin Geoboard

Fun pumpkin activity for teaching math and fine motor activity for kindergarten or preschoolers.

Pumpkin activities - Pumpkin Geoboard White Pumpkin STEM

Pumpkin LEGO Small World

Engineering and dramatic play inside a pumpkin!

Preschool Pumpkin activity - Pumpkin LEGO World Fall STEM

Pumpkin Fairy House

Make a fairy house with Lego bricks that lights up inside a white pumpkin. Every fairy house needs a fairy door! Pumpkin seeds add a fun dramatic play element to this kindergarten pumpkin activity.

Pumpkin activities - white-pumpkin-fairy-house

Pumpkin Car Tunnel

Use a pumpkin for a car tunnel. Run hot wheels tracks or train tracks right through a pumpkin! Can you make a car fly through the pumpkin and land on the other side?

pumpkin activities - Pumpkin Tunnel Build A Car Tunnel Pumpkin Fall STEM Challenge

Pumpkin Investigation Tray

Let kids explore the inner workings of a pumpkin.  A preschool pumpkin activity that makes great science and sensory play! Combine it with our parts of a pumpkin printable.

Pumpkin activities - Pumpkin Investigation Science

Pumpkin Squish Bag

You don’t need a jack O’Lantern face to enjoy squishing pumpkin inside a sensory bag! Kids are sure to enjoy this mess free sensory fun.

Pumpkin Activities for preschoolers

Pumpkin Oobleck

Kitchen science with a Non-newtonian fluid. Cornstarch and water, or oobleck is a must try activity! Give it a pumpkin twist!

Pumpkin Activities - pumpkin oobleck science sensory play made with real pumpkin

Pumpkin Jack: Rotting Pumpkin Experiment

Another fun pumpkin activity for preschoolers or kindergarten. Learn about decomposition with a rotting pumpkin experiment.

Pumpkin activities

Real Pumpkin Cloud Dough

Taste safe sensory play with real pumpkin. Cloud dough is a great sensory play recipe for preschool or kindergarten to have on hand any time of the year!

Pumpkin Homemade Cloud Dough Recipe 3 Ingredient taste safe Fall sensory play

Click here to get your printable parts of a pumpkin activity

Pumpkin Playdough

Get your kids exploring pumpkin themes with homemade pumpkin pie playdough.  Use our easy pumpkin playdough recipe and check out the fun activity suggestions to encourage hands-on learning, fine motor skills, counting, letter recognition and more!

Pumpkin Painting In A Bag

Mess free pumpkin painting in a bag sensory fun for kids. Finger painting for little ones without the big clean up!

Pumpkin Painting In A Bag

Pumpkin Bubble Wrap Art

Bubble wrap is definitely more than just a squishy packing material that’s fun for kids to pop! Here you can use it to create fun and colorful pumpkin prints for fall.

Pumpkin Bubble Wrap Prints

Fizzy Pumpkins

This fizzy pumpkin art activity is a fun way to dig into a bit of science and art all at the same time!  Make your own baking soda paint and enjoy a fizzing chemical reaction.

Fizzy Pumpkins


Combine learning about the parts of the pumpkin with a fun coloring page. Use markers, pencils or even paints!


Click on the images below for more fun fall ideas for preschoolers!