I am so excited about this quick and easy pallet, outdoor science table we made this weekend. It took all of 5 minutes, but I think the fun we have using it will be endless! I am also excited to kick off 31 Days of Outdoor STEM activities with week 1 being all about science! Take science outside and set up a simple science table for exploring all types of science all summer long. We will be adding new ideas all season!


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We love simple science activities and this summer I want to take our activities outside. I decided we need some sort of outdoor science table to make it a little easier to experiment and explore with science. All without using our new patio dining table!



2×4 planks


Sand Paper

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MAKE: Find a pallet. This is pretty easy to do. Search local sites, home improvement businesses, or any business you know receives deliveries on pallets. I found this one outside my gym and popped it in my car. It is an extra long one. Make sure all nails/screws are hammered in well. You can use sandpaper to smooth rough edges. 7Pin We purchased 2×4’s and had the local lumber store cut them for us. We chose to make out table waist height for our son, so this will be different for everyone depending on the height of the kids you intend to use it with. I want it to be a comfortable height, so my son has access to the entire table and feels confident using it! 6Pin My husband used 2 screws per leg and secured them into place. It was a great father/son first construction project. Outdoor Science Table Pallet and 2x4 legsPin Our outdoor science table is super simple. One pallet, 4 pieces of 2×4, and screws. You can make it fancier if you like. My son thought he might like his science table to be blue, so I can see us painting it in the near future. DIY Science TablePin Find a place for your outdoor science table! Right now we have our on our deck, but I would like to move it down into the yard to minimize mess. You can use the lower portion of the pallet table as a shelf. You can slide a container lid in it as we did, but I may try a piece of plywood cut to size. I would also like to hang some hooks from the sides. Summer science experiments are going to be so much fun! 3Pin


We have two types of materials for our table, those that stay outside with the table and those we bring in and out. Inside items will include baking soda, cornstarch, vinegar, food coloring and more you can find in our HOMEMADE SCIENCE KIT. Keep in mind that the items left outside should be completely water proof!

Our outdoor science table includes a 2 gallon bucket, oil drip pan {makes a great work surface}, large plastic tote for making a “sink”, plastic rain gutter pieces, and plastic tubing.

Smaller items include a magnifying glass, tweezers, baster and eyedropper, squirt bottles, strainers, funnels, measuring cups, and ice cube trays.

I can see us mixing ooblecks, sandy slimes, making potions, planting seeds, and so much more! 4Pin I can’t wait to see where our outdoor science table will take us this summer. There’s nothing better than a kid being outside exploring, experimenting, and inventing. Please take a look at our 31 Days Of Outdoor STEM Activities to find great new ideas for all summer long. 1Pin OUTDOOR STEMPin


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  1. What an awesome project! We always do our science activities on the outdoor table — it would be so nice to have a dedicated space like this. My Dad actually helped us build a science table for our playroom so we could have a special spot for things inside and it’s so nice. Great job on this!

  2. My pre k class took the outdoor woodworking bench challenge the kids seemed to thoroughly enjoy working with their parents on this task.

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