Want to know how to make edible paint? Finally, a paint that is safe for babies and toddlers to use! Edible paint is easy to make yourself or better yet show your kiddos how to mix up this super simple DIY edible paint recipe. Kids will love painting cupcakes or cookies, or using as a edible finger paint for younger children. We love simple painting activities for kids! How to make edible paint for cookiesPin

Is There Such A Thing As Edible Paint?

Yes, there is an edible paint that is awesome to use for toddlers who are still putting everything in their mouths.  Get creative with homemade edible paint the kids will love to mix up with you. Perfect for adding to any holiday theme, birthday party, or fun anytime when you are in the kitchen. Play and eat your own artwork with a super easy recipe for edible paint that is just as appropriate for toddlers as it is for teens! Find out how to make edible paint below with our easy edible paint recipe.  Only a few simple ingredients are needed for this tasty recipe. Let’s get started!

What Can Edible Paint Be Used For?

Use your edible paint to decorate plain sugar cookies, crispy rice, marshmallow squares, and even toast!  Or use on card stock for edible finger paint for little ones! Head to the kitchen and make it a day by whipping up a batch of sugar cookies, or add pre-made dough to your grocery list if you have less time. Pin

How To Make Edible Paint


  • 1 (14 ounce) can sweetened condensed milk
  • Gel food coloring
  • Clean paintbrushes (new is best or better yet food-safe)
  • Snacks to paint (like sliced fruit, sugar cookies, marshmallows, and/or rice crispy treats)


STEP 1. Divide sweetened condensed milk into small containers. Pin STEP 2. Add food coloring.  Stir well and add more food coloring if needed to reach the desired color. Pin Pin

Mixing primary colors:

TIP: Add this free color wheel pack for a quick and easy art lesson!

For purple – Make the red first. Transfer half of the paint to a different container. With the remaining paint, add blue food coloring until you reach the desired shade of purple.

For orange – Make the yellow first. Transfer half of the paint to a different container. With the remaining paint, add red food coloring until you reach the desired shade of orange.

STEP 3. Now it’s time to paint your favorite treat! You may want to dedicate a special food-safe brush to this project or use craft sticks! Or pull out some paper and use as a fun edible finger paint. Pin

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