Eye Dropper Fine Motor Activities

eye dropper fine motor activities

Why are eye droppers great for fine motor skills?

  • Eye droppers are awesome for isolating the fingers used for writing!
  • Eye droppers are awesome for strengthening hand muscles!
  • Eye droppers are awesome for practicing coordination, control and patience, all important for handwriting!

Where can I get one?

We have several kinds to choose from depending on what we are doing or mood! One of our favorites has been the free one from the pharmacy at the local supermarket (blue cap). Another favorite is the one from the sets below (purple cap) and the little white one came from some sort of liquid medicine. We save everything!

eye dropper selection of our favorites to use for activities

What should I do with the eye dropper?

I set our eye dropper fine motor activity up as a simple invitation to explore color mixing, absorption and water density. However, simple water play is fine for getting started! More ideas and links are included to help spark ideas for different play styles! We use eye droppers for many of our science experiments too! Great practice.

eye dropper fine motor activities set up for invitation to explore

Materials Needed

  • eye droppers of course!
  • ice cube tray
  • containers for colored water (oil optional)
  • cotton balls
  • science kit items (optional)

Eye Dropper Fine Motor Played: So Simple

eye dropper fine motor activities mixing colors and adding oil density experiment

First, we mixed some colors and added oil with the eye dropper.

eye dropper fine motor activities adding color with mini dropper to mini ice cube tray

Second, we played around with filling the mini holes, making patterns and mixing more colors!

eye dropper fine motor activities filling ice cube tray with large eye dropper

Lastly, we experimented with the cotton balls and used the eye dropper to soak them. This also turned into some nice finger fine motor skills work as we soaked up the mini cube sections with cotton balls!

eye dropper fine motor activities experimenting with cotton balls

So easy; he doesn’t even have to know he is working on some of the most important skills he will need for his whole life! Eye dropper fine motor activities are easy and great for simple play any time of the day!

Tons Of Great Eye Dropper Ideas To Explore!

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  1. Hi. CAn you tell me where I can purchase for my granddaugher the purple type eyedropper?
    I’ve searched and can’t qujite seem to locate that one. I see meium size ones but not the buld type which I would think are really good for hand strength.

    Thank you.

  2. Check out the company called learning resources! You can also find it on amazon under learning resources science kit.

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