Treat your young kids to fun Valentine’s Day activities that are quick and easy to set up but provide tons of play and hands-on learning opportunities. Multi-sensory preschool Valentine’s Day activities play for science, math, sensory, and fine motor skills. Also, make sure to check out our 14 Days Of Valentines STEM Activities!



We have enjoyed so many heart themed Valentine’s Day activities for preschoolers that include art, science, math, sensory play, and fine motor skills!

Lets use the holidays and seasons to create fun themes for classic preschool science activities. It’s the perfect way to keep kids engaged and having tons of fun while still learning something important.

All our Valentines Day activities below use simple materials that can be picked up inexpensively at grocery stores, craft stores, and dollar stores. Many of these items can be reused from year to year if stored properly.

Preschool Valentine's Day activities for art, science, sensory, and fine motor early learning-2



These are our favorites for heart themed preschool Valentine’s Day activities. You will find simple math activities, sensory bin ideas, simple science experiments, and fine motor skills practice.

Click on each activity below for the full supply list and instructions. You can also check out all our free Valentine’s Day printables.

1. Fizzy Hearts Experiment

We have a simple Valentine’s Day chemistry activity with a love potion theme! This Valentine theme baking soda and vinegar experiment is perfect for exploring states of matter and chemical reactions with common kitchen ingredients!


2. Valentine Glitter Bottle

Make a sensory bottle for quick visual fun this Valentine’s Day!

Valentine Sensory Bottle

3. Candy Heart Obleck

Explore Valentine’s Day science with a Valentine theme oobleck activity. Just 2 ingredients, cornstarch and water! Once you learn how to make oobleck, you won’t be able to stop!

Candy Hearts Oobleck science sensory play set up cornstarch water activity

4. Candy Hearts Sink The Boat

How many candy hearts does it take to sink the boat? What happens to the candy hearts that fall in the water? So many great questions to encourage preschoolers to explore this candy heart sink the boat STEM activity!

Heart Candy Sink the boat Valentine's science play

5. Valentine Math

Explore standard and nonstandard measuring, number recognition, and one-to-one counting. These candy hearts make for the perfect Valentine’s early learning play!

Candy Heart Measuring Math Preschool Math Valentines Day

More Quick Math Ideas

Make patterns, sort colors, and do hands-on math! You can write numbers on each plate for number recognition as well.

6. Valentine Counting Game

A quick and simple Valentine math counting game with a favorite classic candy! This involves one to one counting and number recognition with fine motor practice.

Heart Math Game Preschool Valentines Math Counting Candy Hearts

7. Valentine Oil and Water

Does oil and water mix? While this might be a messy sensory activity, it is a fantastic science activity for young kiddos to explore! Explore liquid density.

Valentine Oil & Water Experiment

8. Valentine Playdough

Quick and easy Valentine’s playdough! I set out my favorite tray with lots of different goodies for creating and exploring with our Valentine’s playdough. We have tons of fantastic homemade playdough recipes here to try, including our famous fairy dough!

Valentines Play Dough Sensory Play Invitation

9. Cardboard Hearts

Building with cardboard hearts is a great way to use up leftover cardboard and a great fine motor skill activity for young kids.

Cardboard Hearts Building Activity Valentine Building Project

10. Build Hearts With PVC Pipe

Use basic PVC pipes to build with for a fun and hands-on STEM project.

PVC Pipe Heart Engineering Project Building Hearts PVC Pipes

11. LEGO Heart

Our LEGO hearts are perfect for a quick engineering project or Valentine’s Day play! If you haven’t realized it already, LEGO is awesome for learning. Our LEGO hearts make a great STEM activity.

LEGO Hearts STEM Activity Valentine's Day Engineering Project

12. Valentine’s Day Coloring Pages

Free printable Valentine’s Day coloring pages featuring a cute gnome design and more.

13. Valentine Bingo

Bingo games are a great way to promote literacy, memory, and connection! These Valentine bingo cards are a fun idea to add to your Valentine’s Day activities. Also includes bonus printable Valentines activities.

14. Valentine’s LEGO Building Challenges

Printable LEGO building ideas with a Valentine’s Day theme. Best of all, all you need are basic bricks.

15. Dollar Store Valentine Games

Make these quick and fun Valenitne’s Dya games for your preschooler using dollar-store materials!

Valentine Memory Game

16. Valentine Ice Melt Activity

Make these super fun icy hands melt while kiddos explore states of matter for a neat sensory play activity too!

Valentine Frozen Hands

17. Make a Homemade Bubble Science Tray

Set out a bubble tray with dollar store finds and our homemade bubble solution for hands-on science and sensory play for your preschoolers. Who doesn’t love blowing bubbles? Get the recipe for DIY bubble solution here.


We also tried some specific preschool Valentine’s fine motor activities that encouraged working on hand strength, hand-eye coordination, and finger dexterity.

Paint on tin foil and make tin foil hearts. Painting with brushes is terrific fine motor work. Painting on aluminum foil is also a fantastic process art activity.

There are so many more Valentine’s Day activities that you can do with the older preschooler too! Grow crystal hearts, make cool Valentine’s slime, or even design a LEGO candy box