The best thing about this cardboard box rocket ship is that we have had it for over a year and a half! This cardboard rocket ship is pretty tough and has withstood very energetic little boys. I had never even thought to show how we made it since I didn’t take a ton of pictures, but I think the pictures will give you a decent starting point for creating your own cardboard box rocket ship!  We love simple STEM projects!

DIY Cardboard Rocket Ship for Kids

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Obviously, the first step to building your very own cardboard rocket ship is to actually have a large cardboard box. Our box came courtesy of our brand new outdoor patio set. The delivery guy said he could take the box away. I SAID NO WAY that huge cardboard box stays!

Check out the photos below. My awesome husband and son did the work while I watched. This isn’t a complicated cardboard box rocket ship design, but it’s been perfect for my preschool age son!

Pretend you are an astronaut or simple relax and read a book!

Use this fun cardboard rocket ship as a part of our outer space theme! Check out all our space activities for kids here.

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The bottom of the box was left sealed. My husband angled the top four panels in towards each other to make the nose for the cardboard box rocket ship. make sure to save the triangular pieces you cut off.

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Now tape up the top of your rocket ship. Reinforce with painters tape or duct tape. This will end up being stronger than it looks. Of course you wouldn’t want to climb or sit on top of your cardboard rocket ship. That just won’t work out well!

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Every rocket ship needs a door. My husband left a space above the ground and cut out a semi-circle. This actually has held up well!

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Reinforce all edges that have been cut and tape up any holes that you might find around the cardboard box. My husband also created a top piece. As you can see in the above let photo, the top is still open. You can seal it how you wish, but it’s a good opportunity to use up leftover cardboard. An extra small box may come in handy!

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My husband didn’t stop there with his rocket ship box! He added 3 dimensional fins which he fashioned from leftover cardboard. One large triangle bent in half and a smaller triangle cut to fit the bottom. All pieces are securely taped to the rocket.

Cardboard Rocket Ship Making FinsPin

Add a porthole on the top as well. Make sure to also reinforce with tape! Give your rocket ship a window to let light in.Cardboard box Rocket Ship PortholePin

This makes a cool cardboard rocket ship as is, but why not spray paint it silver! A quick trip to the local hardware store and a couple of coats of silver spray paint.

Make sure to do this part in a well ventilated space {like outside}. You also, unlike my husband, may want to put down newspaper or drop cloth. Otherwise enjoy your silver lawn

Cardboard Box Rocket Ship Spray Painting Rocket Ship SilverPin

There you have a pretty simple cardboard rocket ship for the kids to enjoy! I wish I had more exact instructions, but I think there is enough here to get you started with your own cardboard box rocket ship. It’s a great engineering project for families to do together. This made for a very fun weekend morning activity.

Make sure to save your next huge cardboard box!!

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