Soap Foam Sensory Play

Ivory Soap Foam Science Sensory Play

Awesome, Quick Soap Foam Sensory Play Right Out of The kitchen!

We love simple classic science experiments that combine sensory and science play for early learning.

How To Get Started…

First, read our simple preschool science experiment to prepare your ivory soap for incredible soap foam sensory play!

Ivor Soap Science Amazing Change Science Sensory Play

What Comes Next…

Simply add your crushed, sawed and otherwise flaked ivory soap experiment to a sensory bin filled a bit with warm water. Provide a wire wisk for some good mixing and get to work creating your soap foam sensory play! It didn’t take long to whip it into a thick frothy and silk mound of soap foam!

Ivory Soap Foam Mixing

We have done regular soap bubbles and washing sensory play bins in the past, but this was so different and unique. The soap foam was thick and silky and soft. I was surprised at how intently he played with the foam, so it must have felt good. He is always a bit weary of the textures I provide for him, but this morning it all seemed to be OK.

Ivor Soap Foam Sensory play

Yep, we decided to take his shirt off so his belly could feel the soap foam too! The fun continued with large sponges, a slotted spoon and rubber ducks. He loved sinking his arms into the foam and hiding or searching for the ducks.

Ivory Soap Foam Extreme Sensory Play

This was a super spontaneous science experiment for easy morning fun. I had no idea how it would go or what would happen or if he would even be interested, but he was! I am so glad I thought to take it a step further and turn it into this incredible sensory soap fun for even more play! 

What else can you make with Ivory Soap? Clean Mud!

Messy Sensory Play Experiment Clean Mud

Ivory Soap Slime! 

Homemade soap slime science sensory recipe

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