This year plan a quick and simple LEGO Easter Egg hunt for your little LEGO lovers! So easy to set up, this is the perfect idea for an Easter egg hunt that doesn’t leave you with a bunch of junket and is totally candy free.

LEGO Easter Egg Hunt and Minifigure Surprise

Lego Easter Egg Hunt Minifigure Surprise Eggs Easter Egg Hunt

Set up a minifigure surprise Lego Easter egg hunt!

This Lego Easter egg hunt is going to be so cool! I am so excited to see the reaction on my son’s face when he checks out his Lego Easter egg hunt I have planned later on. There are many cool ways to have a Lego Easter egg. Originally I planned to buy a set and split it up amongst the eggs. Then I realized we are still at the stage where we need some organization when we build sets. So I planned a simpler Lego egg hunt that we could even invite friends over for if we wanted to.

Lego Egg Hunt Minifigure Surprise Eggs Ebay Lego Outdoor Easter Egg Hunt

To be honest I don’t like the junk found in Easter egg hunts we have been to. My son doesn’t care for the trinkets, stamps, stickers, and whatever tiny items are usually placed in eggs. I also don’t need a ton of candy hanging around.

This Lego Easter egg hunt will keep him busy during the hunt itself and for quite a while after. Plus we will be adding to our collection of Legos!

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Minifigure Surprise Packs

You can buy a few of the random minifigure packs. You can also purchase bulk lots of random minifigures on eBay.

Mini LEGO sets

The three in one LEGO sets are super affordable as well as many of the LEGO city starter sets.

LEGO Mixels

My son loves these LEGO monsters!

Small or Medium Creative Boxes

Plastic Eggs

Get your LEGO Easter egg hunt started by filling those eggs! Whatever type of LEGO pieces you choose to fill your plastic eggs with, make sure to count how many you put out there! Don’t want to leave one behind.

Once the Lego Easter egg hunt is complete, the real fun begins!

I would encourage younger children to collect all their eggs before opening them! That way you don’t lose any pieces. Have some snacks ready and enjoy watching your children build minifigures and build with the special parts! This Lego Easter egg hunt was money well spent. My son will have these Legos for a long time to come and can use them every day.

 *UPDATE: This year my son is hoping for a Star Wars LEGO set hidden in the eggs.*

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