Do you have a little minion fan? I sure do. I also have a LEGO lover. We have watched all the Minion movies and my son adores Kevin, Stuart, and Bob. At home, we are always working on our creative LEGO activities with our LEGO basic bricks. Although, we enjoy building more complicated sets with specialty pieces, my son is still at an age where he is learning how each piece works. I want him to be able to come up with his own fun creations like these LEGO Minions with minimal help from us.

LEGO Minions Made with Basic LEGO BricksPin

When I saw these neat {but more intricate} LEGO minions by Frugal Fun 4 Boys, I knew we had to come up with our own Minions from basic bricks. This building activity is perfect for the young builder. While the one above is great for the more seasoned LEGO builder! Both options are great for building your favorite minions! Grab your basic bricks and get started building these fun and easy minions today!

This LEGO Minion building project is a great lesson in symmetry, math, and engineering for young kids. Terrific STEM with a fun theme! I love when learning happens through play. We used our son’s interests to have a fun and educational experience.

It really is easy to get started with just basic LEGO bricks to build your favorite characters! We have also built LEGO hearts, LEGO apples, LEGO Marble Maze, LEGO Halloween ideas, LEGO sharks and LEGO Sea Animals out of our basic bricks! Plus our basic LEGO Zip Line is a great introduction to STEM for the younger crowd. I hope you pull out your basic LEGO bricks and build your very own Minions!

LEGO Minions Kevin, Bob, Stuart Made with Basic Brick BuildingPin

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How To Build LEGO Minions


  • Basic LEGO bricks in yellow, blue, and black (for minion’s body, overalls, and details)
  • Optional: googly eyes or small round LEGO pieces for eyes
  • Optional: small pieces for additional details such as hair or accessories


STEP 1. Start by building the main body of the minion using yellow LEGO bricks. Stack rectangular or square bricks to create a cylindrical shape for the body.

STEP 2. Attach two small yellow LEGO bricks on each side of the body to represent the minion’s arms. You can also use thinner bricks or plates for more realistic arms.

STEP 3. Use blue LEGO bricks to create the minion’s overalls. Attach a rectangle of blue bricks around the bottom of the body, leaving space for the arms to stick out.

STEP 4. Add the minion’s eyes using either googly eyes or small round LEGO pieces. Place them near the top of the body, on either side. You can also experiment with different eye expressions for fun!

STEP 5. If you’d like to add goggles to your minion, use black LEGO bricks to create a band across the top of the eyes. Add small black circles or squares on each side to represent the goggle lenses.

STEP 6. Use black LEGO bricks or small pieces to create the minion’s mouth and any additional details, such as hair or accessories. Get creative and add your own unique touches to personalize your minion!

STEP 7. If you’d like to give your minion legs, use additional yellow LEGO bricks to create cylindrical shapes similar to the body. Attach them to the bottom of the body to complete the minion’s legs.

Personalize (Optional): Once you’ve built your basic LEGO minion, feel free to personalize it further by adding accessories or customizing its appearance. You can experiment with different colors, shapes, and details to make your minion unique!

LEGO Minion Activity Basic Brick Building IdeaPin

Take a close look at each of the minions and you will see exactly how we created Stuart, Kevin, and Bob! We use just our basic bricks, but you can get creative if you want to work with specialty pieces too! We wanted our son to do as much as he could without our constant help. Once we worked and reworked the first Minion, it was easier to do the other two.

LEGO Minion StuartPin

We did take into consideration eye placement and height after carefully studying Minion pictures on the iPad. My son thought this was an awesome part of Minion building, but it does incorporate technology into the process. Please don’t mind the very used looking bricks as they were my husbands when he was a kid!

LEGO Minion Bob Building ActivityPin

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