There is definitely something to be said for creating novel Christmas science activities for the holidays. Our magnetic science Christmas ornaments are perfect. My son gets really excited for these experiments but also seems to understand the science behind it all because we have explored the ideas with so many variations throughout the year. Easy Christmas magnetism science for kids.


Magnetic ornaments Christmas science activity for kids STEM. Fun Christmas magnet science idea for kids that is easy to set up.

I really love Christmas. No, I mean I really, really love Christmas which is why we have a huge collection of Christmas science activities that is sure to please.


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Now on to our magnetic ornaments Christmas science activity! If you haven’t played around with magnets before, it is a lot of fun for kids. My son will take a magnetic wand and explore the house to see what is magnetic and what is not.

You will want a simple magnet kit to get started, but as you will see below, we love to use what we have around the house. Magnetic objects come in many different shapes and sizes. You can also try a Christmas themed magnetic sensory bin.

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This activity is so simple to set up! You can make a basket of these ornaments for kids to explore! Add a magnetic wand or bar magnets and give your kids space to explore. A great invitation to play with Christmas science.

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I purposefully did not seal the ornaments so he could open them up to explore. If you think it’s better to seal them with a bit of tape, then go ahead. If you don’t have these ornaments, set out the contents on a cookie tray for the kids to explore instead.

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What are fun supplies to have to make these magnetic ornaments Christmas science activity you ask? Jingle bells! Cookie Cutters! Nuts, bolts, and washers! Mini clothespins! Pipe cleaners twisted into wreathes! What else can you find? Oh and mason jar lids too.



My son had a great time exploring each ornament. Mostly he wanted to try and get all the items up to the top and hang down. He noticed that some of the items were harder to gather than others.

You could put a little twist on the experiment by adding non-magnetic items to some of the ornaments. Let your kids predict which are magnetic and which are not. Have them test their guesses!

Open the ornaments and count the objects for extra math practice. Who can pick up the most items on their magnetic wand. Turn it into a fun jingle bell game too.


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Our favorite was the cookie cutter we added to our Christmas magnet science experiment.


There are a ton of fun ways to explore the sciences for every season and holiday. We especially love Christmas science and we also love winter science too. We hope you will make some of your own magnetic ornaments to play around with this season.




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