Be the coolest mom, dad, grand parent, aunt, uncle, sibling, teacher, care giver, whoever, when you make this super easy fluffy zombie slime recipe! Brains and more brains with our homemade fluffy slime recipe. Perfect for kids who love all things zombie or for a cool Halloween slime idea. Slime is science and zombie slime is the coolest slime science out there. Make homemade slime with your kids. It’s a must!


Learn how to make homemade zombie slime with our fluffy slime recipe! Fun Halloween slime recipe idea with zombie brains. Use our easy fluffy slime shaving cream recipe for making homemade slime perfect for kid science and sensory play.

Check it out! Zombie slime recipe for kids and adults to enjoy this season. We love making fluffy slime, and it’s so easy. Look at all our pictures below and scroll down to get the recipe, a printable recipe sheet, and check out a fluffy slime making video.

We picked up a cool zombie brain gelatin mold to use  with our slime. I will link to it below for you to check out. We also bought some unflavored gelatin, so check back and see what we do with that for a little zombie science play.

Easy Zombie Slime Recipe for Kids

Our homemade fluffy slime with shaving cream is a really unique texture. You can easily make it fit different themes and holidays or seasons.

We have been on a fluffy slime making kick and also make an orange pumpkin fluffy slime this week!


Once you have thoroughly mixed and kneaded your zombie slime, it should no longer be super sticky! That means little mess on the hands for kids who are concerned about that! My son is one of them but still loves cool sensory play ideas.

Make Easy Fluffy Zombie Slime Recipe


What color is a brain? A zombie brain? Or do zombies eat brains? I definitely will have to read up on my zombie facts. There is a series of kid’s graphic novels that you can see in some of the pictures. My son loves them and although they make me want to cringe, they get him to read!

The coolest part of this whole zombie slime activity, is that it’s awesome science too. Read more when you click on the black box below and feel good your zombie brains fluffy slime is educational too.

Simple Fluffy Slime Recipe for Making Zombie Slime


We have our original fluffy slime recipe to follow for the complete, step by step instructions —-> FLUFFY SLIME RECIPE. Also, we have a printable slime recipe page to keep handy. Click on the black boxes below



Make sure to check out our recommended slime supplies list with handy printable checklist too! I have included some amazon affiliate links for your convenience at no cost to you.

  • 1/2 cup White Elmer’s Washable School Glue
  • 3-4 cups Foamy Shaving Cream
  • 1/2 TSP Baking Soda
  • 1 TBL Saline Solution
  • Food Coloring {we used green and black- you can buy black liquid food coloring in the grocery store now or see below!}
  • Zombie Brain mold

Zombie Slime Supplies

I think the color of the zombie slime is open for interpretation here! Let the kids get creative with the color of their brains. I am pretty sure there is no wrong color!

Making Zombie Slime

This fluffy zombie slime comes together pretty quickly. Just keep whipping it up till it pulls away from the sides and bottom and forms a blob.

Mixing Zombie Slime

Mixing up zombie brains for cool science and sensory play!

Whipping Up Zombie Slime Fluffy Slime Recipe

A good tip: Squirt a few drops of saline solution onto your hands before you pick up the slime to knead it! It will reduce the stickiness. Once you give it a good knead, it won’t really stick to your hands anymore.


Although fluffy slime isn’t really a play dough or sculpting material, but you can mold a cool zombie brain thingy with it! We pushed it into our mold and pulled it out carefully by grabbing it in the middle. You can see the imprints!

Your fluffy slime won’t stay fluffy forever. If your kids are wondering why, have them squirt out a bit of the shaving cream onto a plate and observe the changes over time. This is what is happening to the zombie slime too.

However, as it loses it’s fluff, it still makes cool zombie brain molds and it takes on an even different texture.

Molding zombie brain with fluffy zombie slime

This fluffy zombie slime is a real treat for kids to make and a super fun theme. I suppose you can store it for a few days in a container with lid but generally this isn’t something we save and reuse for long. Our regular slimes can keep for quite awhile.

Don’t want to make your zombie brain slime fluffy, use any of our homemade slime recipes for cool slime anytime.


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