PVC Pipe hearts engineering for any day! Building with PVC pipes is an awesome STEM project! Plus, our new PVC Pipe Kit is an easy, frugal alternative to the pricey toy alternatives. My son loves using “real” household items for play rather than toys. This PVC pipe heart project was right up his alley. We have also engineered some cool Lego Hearts this month as well as a Lego Heart Marble Maze!

Build With PVC Pipe: Heart Engineering Project


Building With PVC Pipe

I love to use and reuse what I have on hand for our DIY STEM projects. I also like to keep it simple and I like to keep it cheap! This plastic PVC tubing was purchased at our local hardware store and I can see tons of ways we will reuse the tubing for more activities down the road.

Here we used our homemade PVC pipe kit for a Valentine’s Day theme engineering project. Check out more awesome Valentine STEM activities.

It’s amazing what you can make for play and learning. STEM activities are easy and engaging for young children! Give it a try and head to your local hardware store the next time you want to find a new activity. These PVC pipes are fun and easy to work with!

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PVC Pipe Heart Building Activity for KidsPin


Build A PVC Pipe Heart


  • 1/2 inch PVC Pipes sold in lengths of 5′ and 10′. All the pieces you see in photos are from 20′ of pvc pipe.
  • 1/2 inch 90 degree PVC Pipe Fittings. You will need 6 {We also bought a few other types of fittings}
  • Tape Measure and pencil
  • Small Saw or Sawzall {Adults only please!}
PVC pipe heart materials for building projectPin

PVC Pipe Heart Engineering Project

How do you build a PVC pipe heart? You need six of the 1/2 inch, PVC pipe, 90 degree fittings.

Next you need to cut several different lengths of PVC pipe. We made a couple different size hearts. The first heart which is a bit smaller and the perfect shape, has two 2.5 inch pieces, two 3 inch pieces, and two 7 inch pieces.

I used a rough sand paper to make sure the edges were smooth. It takes some elbow grease!

PVC Pipe Heart Engineering Parts to Build A HeartPin

This building project gave us a great opportunity to practice using a tape measure and watching mom put in the elbow grease to cut the pieces. We had to play around with a few sizes and use our problem solving skills to make the perfect heart!

The end result was that you need 6 pieces, 2 small, 2 medium and 2 large. Now we also made some other hearts with the different sizes I cut. Not quite as nice but we also made one with 3 inch, 5 inch and 10 inch pieces,

PVC Pipe Heart Building Large HeartPin

This kid loves his PVC pipe hearts! He also loves this awesome building kit. So many neat ideas to try! What can you engineer with PVC Pipes today?

PVC Pipe Heart Finished Building ProjectPin


Click on the image below or on the link for more fun Valentine’s Day STEM ideas.


Printable Engineering Projects Pack

Get started with STEM and engineering projects today with this fantastic resource that includes all the information you need to complete more than 50 activities that encourage STEM skills!


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