Mid august I start to feel it, the itch for newly sharpened, bright yellow, #2 pencils. There’s something sentimental about back to school time that I will never quite forget. Not to mention you can’t beat the deals on a fresh box of pencils this time of year. Of course you can always use your pencils to fill in worksheets, or you could test out some of these totally amazing STEM projects using pencils instead!

Fun Things To Do With Pencils

Here we love keeping things super simple! We want our science and STEM activities to be easy, inexpensive, and most of all fun. If I can use the supplies I have around the house even better. These STEM activities using pencils are perfect for home STEM projects as well as group projects in the classroom.

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Start off the year right with a fresh batch of #2 pencils and some incredibly amazing STEM activities using pencils!

These activities show kids just how cool STEM can be by combining learning and playing into unique ideas that can be used by everyone!

What Is STEM For Kids?

So you might ask, what does STEM actually stand for? STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and math. The most important thing you can take away from this, is that STEM is for everyone!

Yes, kids of all ages can work on STEM projects and enjoy STEM lessons. STEM activities are great for group work, too! You can read more about the valuable life lessons that STEM can provide kids here.

STEM is everywhere! Just look around. The simple fact that STEM surrounds us is why it’s so important for kids to be a part of, to use, and to understand STEM.

From the buildings you see in town, the bridges that connect places, the computers we use, the software programs that go with them, and to the air we breathe, STEM is what makes it all possible.

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Engineering is an important part of STEM. What is engineering in kindergarten and elementary? Well, it’s putting together simple structures and other items and learning about the science behind them in the process. Essentially, it’s a whole lot of doing! 

Totally awesome STEM activities using pencils that kids will lovePin

Helpful STEM Resources To Get You Started

Here are a few resources to help you introduce STEM more effectively to your kiddos or students and feel confident when presenting materials. You’ll find helpful free printables throughout.

Grab this FREE Engineering Challenge Calendar today!

Awesome STEM Pencil Projects

Click on the activities below for the exact set up of each STEM project.

Pencil Catapult

Design and build a number 2 pencil catapult for science, engineering, and math and see how far you can launch different objects.


Magic Breaking Pencil

Try the magic breaking pencil STEM activity and amaze the kids with just how cool science can be!

Pencil Bridge

Build an amazing Da Vinci Bridge with pencils for extraordinary engineering. How much weight can it hold?

Pencil Tower

Construct a pencil tower and test your engineering skills. Set a height goal and see if you can meet it using a ruler to measure along the way.

Leak Proof Bag Experiment

Stick those sharpened pencils into a bag full of water, and notice that the water doesn’t leak out. Is it magic or science?

Leak Proof Bag Experiment


Use pencil to a make a DIY anemometer to take outside and measure wind speed.


Create a DIY spectroscope from a pencil and a few other simple supplies, and make a rainbow from visible light.


Use a pencil to build your own simple sundial and learn about how the ancient Egyptians used them to tell time.


Pencil Pulley

Make a simple machine or a pulley using a pencil and a couple of other simple materials.

Floating Rice Friction Experiment

Put a pencil into a bottle of rice, and observe how the rice grains “float” when the pencil is lifted out.

Floating Rice

More Fun STEM Projects To Try

Also, try one of these easy engineering projects below.

Learn about how lift works with this paper helicopter activity.

Build your own mini hovercraft that actually hovers.

Build a balloon powered car and see how far it can go.

Design an airplane launcher to catapult your paper planes.

A good breeze and a few materials are all you need to tackle this DIY kite project.

It’s a fun chemical reaction that makes this bottle rocket take off.

Printable Engineering Projects Pack

80+ Doable Engineering Projects in one convenient pack!

  • Full instructions with sample images
  • Activity-specific instruction sheets
  • Data Collection Sheets
  • Questions for Reflection
  • Architecture Building Cards: Try the tallest tower challenge
  • Bridge Building Cards: Explore different types of bridges to build your own.
  • Paper Chain STEM Challenge: Who can make the longest chain? Great icebreaker or quick challenge!
  • 3 Little Pigs Architectural Pack: Design a house that won’t blow away!
  • Great marshmallow challenge: A classic challenge kids love!
  • Real-world STEM challenge lesson but don’t know where to start? Our easy-to-follow template shows the steps!
  • What’s the difference between a scientist and an engineer?
  • Crossword and word search with engineering vocabulary.
  • Engineering vocabulary cards
  • Design a one-of-a-kind invention and write about it with this 5-page activity!


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