Keep little hands busy and little minds learning with all of these fun Easter art projects and Easter crafts for preschoolers, kindergarten and elementary students! Make crystals, learn about famous artists, explore art techniques, dye eggs and more with these fun Easter art and craft ideas.


Create Easter Art This Season

Easter is such a fun holiday for crafts and art projects! With all of the fun subject matter of bunnies, eggs, and Spring baby animals it’s easy to create adorable projects.

We love to incorporate Easter art and crafts into our classrooms and at home as a fun way for kids to learn with their hands as they create. There are some great ideas here that would work for preschoolers, kindergarten and elementary age alike.

These are not tricky crafts to make with kids. You won’t need a lot of difficult-to-find supplies and won’t need to worry about assisting every student as they create. A few of these even come with a free printable to make the craft or art activity even easier.

Making crafts and art projects with kids is important because it helps them to think outside the box and express their creativity. Several of these crafts also help teach about art history, basic science, and will even help with fine motor skills too!

Giving kids the freedom to create at home or in the classroom keeps both sides of their brains active in a day. Allowing their brains and bodies a break is great for little ones!

Also explore ideas for easy spring crafts and art projects for kids!

Easter Art And Crafts For Kids

Easter Egg Ornament

Create these simple paper Easter eggs for a simple Easter craft this season. These have to be the healthiest Easter eggs around! Make your own paper Easter egg ornaments to decorate at home or in the classroom.

Easter Egg Craft

Zentangle Easter Eggs

Have fun with a Easter theme zentangle art activity. Draw zentangle patterns onto our printable Easter egg using colored markers or art supplies.

Easter Zentangle

Easter Pop Art

Combine a repeating egg pattern and bright colors to create fun Easter pop art inspired by famous artist, Andy Warhol! 

Easter Pop Art

Wax Resist Easter Eggs

Combine a simple watercolor craft and wax resist technique for the perfect Easter activity this season. This Easter Egg craft is fun for even non-crafty kiddos!

Easter Craft

Galaxy Easter Eggs

Use oil and vinegar to make these cool marbled Easter eggs for an Easter activity that combines science and art!

Space Eggs

Cool Whip Easter Eggs

Here’s another fun way to dye Easter eggs with whipped cream.

Whipped Cream Eggs

Lichtenstein Bunny Art

A comic strip inspired Easter bunny!! Use dots and stripes, and bright colors to create this abstract Easter bunny in the style of famous artist, Roy Lichtenstein.


LEGO Easter Eggs

Make Easter art with basic LEGO bricks. Design and build your own LEGO Easter eggs with different patterns and colors.


Helpful Art Resources To Get You Started

Here are a few resources that will help you introduce art more effectively to your kiddos or students and feel confident yourself when presenting materials. You’ll find helpful free printables throughout.

Printable Easter Project Pack

  • 20+ Easter science activities and STEM projects kids that are easy to set up and fit into the time you have available even if it’s limited!
  • Printable Easter theme STEM activities that are simple but engaging for home or classroom. Perfect for K-2 and beyond but easily adaptable to many skill levels.
  • Dive into simple background science explanations to share with kids while they explore hands-on and playful experiments, projects, and activities such as Easter oobleck, erupting eggs, regrowing lettuce, and more!
  • Engaging Easter STEM activities pack with theme activities, journal pages, and design process steps! Learn about the design process and think like an engineer while you design and build a better Easter basket and more!
  • Easy to gather supplies makes these STEM activities ideal when you have limited resources available. Specialty activities include a catapult and balloon rocket challenge pack with log sheets!
  • Additional STEM activities: Include the great Easter egg tower, spaghetti, marshmallow challenge Easter theme, brick building ideas, puzzles, and screen-free coding activities.


  • Easter STEM Pack
  • PEEPS Theme STEM Pack
  • Easter Slime Science Pack