Are you gearing up to do Easter a little differently this year? We are and it’s going to be egg-citing! Let’s have some fun with easy to do Easter activities for kids that will work well at home or wherever you are! A handful of simple supplies and our free Easter printables will make this Easter just as fun any other year. Kids love the novelty of the changing holidays and what better time than right now to make the most of Easter with science activities!


7 days of Easter activities for kids


I wanted to put together an easy format for you to use the week before Easter or anytime leading up to Easter, and I made sure to feature Easter activities that are pretty simple to set up. Of course, we have a ton of Easter science activities you can substitute in and out depending on what extras you have on hand.

Each Easter project is specially selected to work with multiple ages, so everyone can enjoy time together!

Why are Easter activities so important right now?

The Easter bunny is essential and the fun and magic of holidays should still be essential! Kids love the novelty of themed activities and it simply brings a smile to their faces. Sure you can mix baking soda and vinegar anytime but setting up rainbow fizzing eggs for a special Easter treat is priceless.

Grab that big bag of plastic Easter eggs in the closet and let’s put them to good use! Check out the fun video below.


First, you are going to want to download and print out this handy schedule to get the kids excited and keep you on track! Bookmark it and you can use the quick links inside it as well.

Next, read on to see more about the activities I have chosen for our 7 days of Easter activities for kids series and prep a list of supplies or take a stroll around the kitchen and pull them out of the cupboards.

Then take a look at the substitutes and additions I have included! You might want to add an Easter STEM activity or switch out an Easter printable. Make it your own, but I can help you start with a plan!

Click here or on the image below to download your free Easter week activity plan!


Let’s celebrate and kick off the week with my very favorite Easter activities. I’m sure the video above showed you just how egg-citing it is to explore (even for adults)!

If you haven’t already downloaded our Easter STEM Challenge cards pack, you might want to grab it and have it handy all week long. We also show you how to set up an Easter tinker basket.


  • Peeps
  • Jelly Beans
  • Plastic Eggs
  • Baking Soda
  • Vinegar
  • Food Coloring
  • Cornstarch
  • Toothpicks
  • Water
  • Dish Soap
  • Cooking Oil
  • LEGO bricks
  • Art Supplies (crayons, watercolors, glue, assorted)
  • Salt (optional for STEAM)

Day #1: Egg Stacking Challenge!

First, let’s get warmed up with an Easter egg stacking challenge! Use the printable or to follow along with the guidelines or come up with your own challenge. This is great for a quick STEM challenge or you can let the kiddos explore the building process as long as they are interested. Bring out rulers too!

SUBSTITUTION OR ADDITION SUGGESTION: Another option for this challenge is to use the whole plastic eggs and playdough to create towers!

Grab your FREE printable here!

Day #2: Fizzy Eggs and Egg Wash

I combined two activities here because the egg wash absolutely complements the fizzy eggs! First, you are going to enjoy endless eruptions with fizzy eggs and then guess what? The kiddos can have fun with an egg wash and water play activity! These two activities should keep them busy for quite a while. You’ll need those plastic eggs, baking soda, vinegar, food coloring, and a baster for the rainbow fizzy Easter eggs.

SUBSTITUTION OR ADDITION SUGGESTION: You can also easily whip Easter egg oobleck if desired and these eggs will also need a good cleaning. There’s a fun video to watch as well with a couple of extra suggestions.

Since that fizzy egg experiment will need to get cleaned up, this Easter egg wash is a perfectly easy way to extend the activity time indoors or outdoors. All you need is a bucket of warm soapy water and fun scrubbers, strainers, and whatever else you can add. How about a toy size watering can?

Day #3: Easter LEGO Challenges

After all the excitement of fizzy eggs and egg stacking challenges, let’s pull out the LEGO! We made simple LEGO Easter eggs to fill a basket using basic bricks. The LEGO challenges are great for kids of all ages to build together. Plus, you can find a great FREE printable pack of Easter theme LEGO building challenges to try out! Make it a day of LEGO

SUBSTITUTION OR ADDITION SUGGESTION: Don’t want to build with LEGO or want to add an activity? How about growing salt crystals on paper eggs? This is a great crystal growing activity using a simple kitchen staple.

Day #4: Easter Egg STEAM

Science meets art for STEAM! Combine simple science and neat art techniques for a variety of Easter art activities. We have a free Easter egg template pack to printout and plenty of suggestions such as wax resist art, salt glue art, or even salad spinner art to create unique Easter activities for kids with an art theme. I bet you can even use it for an art lesson that day and show the teacher!

SUBSTITUTION OR ADDITION SUGGESTION: Why not dye eggs with a bit of STEAM too like these galaxy eggs, so easy!

Day #5: Easter Puzzles and Games

Games and puzzles, puzzles and games! Kids love our code breakers and sodoku puzzles. Plus we have a battleship-style Easter egg hunt game! These printable Easter games will keep the kiddos busy and the older kids can help the younger kiddos if that’s an option.

SUBSTITUTION OR ADDITION SUGGESTION: For a nonprintable game, try out our Easter catapult instead and set up baskets as target and make your own game!

Day #6: Jelly Bean Engineering and Science

Ah, the classic marshmallow and toothpick challenge with a twist! Jelly beans! Grab a large bag and build a jelly bean tower or shapes or a nest for a Peep even! I have added a free 2D and 3D shapes printable to get you going and then the sky’s the limit or rather how many jelly beans you have left that aren’t the black ones! Check out our Peeps video for more Peeps STEM ideas in the link above as well.

Before you start building, why not set up a dissolving jelly bean experiment using common household liquids and keep an eye on the results while you build!

SUBSTITUTION OR ADDITION SUGGESTION: You can substitute any squishy candy such as marshmallows or gumdrops if you need too! Plus, those will all work well in a dissolving experiment.

Day #7: Homemade Peeps Playdough

Make a taste-safe Peeps playdough for a simple afternoon activity! You can also use the time to explore the 5 senses while you enjoy and even sample the peeps before you get started making the playdough. I never recommend that you eat the playdough so do the taste part of the 5 senses before you turn them into playdough! Watch the video in the link too.

SUBSTITUTION OR ADDITION SUGGESTION: You can also use one of our other awesome playdough recipes such as super-soft playdough or foam dough and your own Easter themed cookie cutters and pastel color palette.


Continue the fun with our Easter-themed STEM packs!

Find even more science and STEM activities as well as fun games for the whole family.

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