Awesome fizzy, baking soda Halloween science! Halloween is an excellent holiday to put a little twist on classic science experiments! We especially enjoy baking soda and vinegar eruptions.  We have tried a few different Fall fizzy experiments including an erupting fizzy apple and a pumpkin volcano! Kitchen science like our fizzy halloween science tray is a perfect experiment for young kids and


Fizzy halloween Science Baking Soda Vinegar Halloween Activity Experiment

Baking Soda & Vinegar Monster Tray Activity

Baking and soda vinegar experiments and eruptions are a treat for the senses. They have a wonderful visual appeal as well as a cool tactile aspect. Feel the fizzing bubbles and watch the chemical reactions! This fizzy Halloween science tray with cookie cutters is a multi sensory activity for kids!

Fizzy Science Halloween Monster Tray Set Up

Supplies Needed:

  • baking soda
  • vinegar
  • food coloring
  • tray, eye dropper and small containers
  • cookie cutters and dollar store monster parts or Mr. Potato Head parts
  • Halloween confetti or glitter (optional)

Simple Set Up:

To set up a fizzy halloween science tray simply place your items on a cookie sheet. Cover with baking soda. Sprinkle on confetti or glitter if desired. Mix up your Halloween potions (vinegar and food coloring).

We made orange, green and purple. Place tray, eye dropper (basters are fun but can quickly flood your tray!), and containers on table! Get set for fun, fizzy Halloween science action.

Fizzy Halloween Science Sensory Tray Set Up With Cookie Cutters And Baking Soda

The pictures really say it all. He had a lot of fun, as he always does, with this fizzy Halloween science sensory tray.  He enjoyed “cleaning off” the parts covered with baking soda and watching the bubbling eruptions!

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Fizzy Halloween Science Sensory Tray Play With Eye Dropper And Baster

Did I mention the great fine motor skills involved in this fizzy halloween science activity. Using eye droppers, basters, and squeeze bottles are great for fine motor skills practice! They are great tools for strengthening little hands for important work to come!

Fizzy Halloween Science Sensory Monster Tray Squeeze Bootle Play

Simple cookie cutters can make for an awesome fizzy science! We have also used cookie cutters for a Christmas fizzy tray, Valentine’s Day fizzy tray, and fizzy shape recognition tray!

Fizzy halloween Science baking Soda Vinegar Cookie Cutter Activity

This may seem like a simple activity that doesn’t relate much to science, but the reaction between the vinegar and baking soda sure is all about science. We have done so many that he understands the two ingredients coming together cause a chemical reaction and that reaction produces the fizzy gas he can hear,  feel, and see!

Make science fun with a fizzy Halloween science tray!

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