Monsters aren’t just for Halloween? Grab that big box of LEGO® and get ready for a whole new set of LEGO® challenges today with an alien or monster theme. You decide! These LEGO® monster challenge cards are a great way to get kids fired to build with the bricks they already have at home or in the classroom. Follow the prompts to complete the monster build using the LEGO® you already have. Maybe the kiddos will even invent their own LEGO challenges!


LEGO® is one of the most awesome and versatile play materials out there. Ever since my son connected his first LEGO® bricks, he was in love.  Usually, we enjoy tons of cool science experiments together so here we have mixed science and STEM with LEGO® building ideas.   


As you may know we LOVE everything STEM, science, and slime related here.  So we have combined that with LEGO® for AMAZING learning and playing experiences!  Looking for things to do for the kids at home, LEGO is the perfect activity for kids of all ages.

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The benefits of LEGO® are numerous. From hours of free play to more complicated STEM projects, LEGO® building has been encouraging learning through exploration for decades. Our LEGO® activities cover so many areas of learning that are great for preschoolers through to the early teen years.


If you’ve been wanting an easy playful learning activity to share with your kiddos, you are going to love this space theme building activity. All you need to do is download our free printable LEGO space challenges below, find some basic bricks and get started!

These LEGO challenge ideas go a step beyond the basic challenge cards because they offer a special task to complete!

Have you seen our LEGO Mixel Slime?

Are they monsters or aliens? They can be whatever the kids want them to be! If they are aliens, make sure to grab the LEGO space challenges too.

Why not pair these monster challenges with another fun monster activity?

These LEGO challenge cards each feature a monster theme build and a specific building task! Read the task and complete the LEGO challenge idea. Race a friend or sibling. Who can complete the challenge the fastest? 


Download and print the animal building challenges below. 

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