Explore emotions for kids and simple drawing with this fun LEGO faces template! Use your favorite LEGO minifigs and draw their faces, or create your own with these blank LEGO printable pages! It’s a perfect drawing activity for the LEGO fan!


Your kids will have a blast with these free printable pages. Perfect for a stuck-inside sort of day, long car ride, waiting room, all about me center, or relatives’ house! We love to learn in unique ways with our LEGO collection.

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Why LEGO Emotions for Kids?

Have you ever checked out all the different expressions on your kids’ LEGO mini-figures? Yes, some even have two faces! They have all sorts of different expressions and emotions. This makes LEGO perfect for exploring and drawing emotions and a great way to talk about feelings with kids!

Here are some benefits of drawing emotions:

Emotional Expression: Drawing allows children to express and communicate their emotions visually. This can be especially helpful for kids struggling to express their feelings verbally.

Self-Awareness: Children can become more aware of their own emotions through drawing emotions. They learn to recognize and understand different feelings, fostering emotional intelligence.

Communication Skills: Drawing emotions provides a non-verbal way for children to communicate with others. It can be a starting point for emotional conversations, helping kids articulate their feelings.

Problem-Solving: Engaging in creative activities promotes problem-solving skills. Children can explore different ways to represent emotions, encouraging them to think creatively and critically.

Coping Mechanism: Drawing can be a coping mechanism for stress or challenging emotions. It gives kids a constructive outlet for processing difficult feelings and experiences.

Empathy Development: Drawing the emotions of others can help children develop empathy. They learn to understand that different people may experience various emotions and begin to recognize and relate to those feelings.

Fine Motor Skills: Holding and manipulating drawing tools enhances fine motor skills. This is crucial for developing hand-eye coordination and prepares children for more complex tasks.

Creativity and Imagination: Emotions and drawing activities stimulate creativity and imagination. Children can explore different ways to represent emotions, fostering a sense of play and exploration.

Positive Outlet for Energy: Drawing can be a positive and constructive way for children to channel their energy. It offers a focused and enjoyable activity that can be both calming and rewarding.

Incorporating emotions drawing activities into kids’ routines can contribute to their overall emotional and cognitive development, providing a fun and valuable learning experience.

How to Use the LEGO Faces

Work on one big face, or use the smaller LEGO faces. You could also cut out and laminate each smaller face instead of having one sheet. Draw an emotion on each LEGO face and use it with your kids when discussing emotions!

Try it: Print out multiple smaller faces, cut them out individually, laminate them if desired, and set up a matching game! Add them to a sensor bin for added tactile interest.


LEGO Faces Template

Download your LEGO faces template below and print out your free copies of this drawing emotions activity. Laminate and add a set of dry-erase markers, and you have an “everything is awesome” re-usable LEGO drawing activity.


  • Printable LEGO faces template
  • Dry Erase Markers
  • Assorted LEGO minifigures (optional- for inspiration)
  • Clipboard (optional but makes a great on-the-go drawing surface)

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