We all know LEGO is awesome for building math skills so why not go ahead and build LEGO numbers! Once you have a set of numbers built, the possibilities are endless. Perfect for number recognition, place value, adding, subtracting, and more! make math fun by using your kids favorite building set as part of preschool math activities.

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Explore Math With Basic LEGO Bricks

We love using basic bricks to build cool things including our LEGO zip line, catapult, ocean creatures, and even favorite movie characters!

A simple collection of the basic brick shapes is all you really need to build LEGO numbers. Check out how we built our numbers including a plus sign, subtraction sign, and equals sign or design your own.


LEGO Numbers

Build LEGO numbers 0-9 for any combination of math learning activities!


  • LEGO bricks in all colors

How To Build Numbers With LEGO

A close look at our numbers and you should easily see what you need. I wanted to create a uniform size, so I chose the same width {at the widest point} for all the numbers. Starting with zero, I made the base with a 2×8 {or any combination of bricks} stacked 2 layers high. I wanted a chunky and sturdy design.

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How To Use LEGO Numbers

  • Combine numbers to form bigger numbers. Take turns creating numbers for each other. Practice place value.
  • Make mathematical signs to add to the fun! Practice adding and subtracting.
  • Take out a bunch of 2×2 bricks as seen as below and make number sentences. This is a fun way to take math practice beyond the worksheets or build LEGO numbers to go along with your math worksheets.

Build LEGO numbers. Play with LEGO numbers. Learn with LEGO numbers. Challenge your kids today to enjoy math by pairing it with their favorite building bricks.


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More Fun LEGO Building Challenges

Make sure to also check out our free printable LEGO building challenges! There are tons of cool themes and topics to choose from!

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