No more “I don’t know what to do”! Find out how to plan summer camp activities at home or with a group of kids. Over 80 fun activities for summer camp done for you. From science experiments to crafts, as well as building activities and sensory play.



Summer can be a busy time, so we didn’t add any projects that will take a ton of time or prep to do. Most of these summer camp activities can be done easily on a budget, with variations, reflection and questions extending the activity as you have time to do so.

We have organized these fun summer camp activities into theme weeks for you. Feel free to pick and choose the themes that your kids will love the most! Activities include art and crafts, science experiments, building and making things, sensory play, cooking and more.

There are activities suitable for all ages! From toddlers to preschoolers to elementary kids. Use the themes to complete one activity per day for a week. Alternatively, you could use these ideas with a group of kids and set up a few activities as stations to rotate between.

Whatever you choose, kids are sure to have fun, learn something new and develop their skills. Plus, you won’t be pulling your hair out wondering what the kids are going to do all this summer!


Click on the links below to learn more about each of these fun summer camp themes.

Art Summer Camp Activities

Art camp is so much fun for kids of all ages! Create and learn with a whole week of colorful, sometimes messy and unexpected, totally do-able art activities.

Art projects help kids develop color coordination, fine motor skills, pattern recognition, scissor skills, as well as grow their independence.

Create summer popsicle art and ice cream art. Enjoy art inspired by famous artists with Frida Kahlo portrait and Pollock fish art project. Create a painting with a water pistol, nature paint brushes, by blowing bubbles and with a fly swatter. Yes, really! Kids will love it!

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art summer camp

Bricks Summer Camp

Bricks Summer Camp activities will be the highlight of your LEGO enthusiast’s summer! These fun science activities using building bricks are such a fun way to learn.

Build a marble run and then test it out. Use those bricks to build a dam, a zip line and even a catapult. Make a balloon car that actually moves and combine a fun fizzing chemical reaction and bricks to build a volcano.

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Chemistry Summer Camp Activities

Chemistry Summer Camp is a great way to explore chemical reactions and more with kids of all ages.

These simple chemistry experiments will encourage problem-solving and observation skills. Even the youngest of kids can enjoy a simple science experiment.

Blow up a balloon with a fun fizzing chemical reaction. Find out what happens when you add vinegar to milk. Make an erupting acid lemon volcano and more.

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Chemistry Summer Camp

Cooking Summer Camp Activities

Cooking Summer Camp activities with a science theme. Do you know cooking is filled with way more science than you’d expect! Forget the cupcakes, kids will love these easy science activities they can eat!

Make colorful candy geodes, and even an edible rock cycle. Cook bread in a bag, and top it with homemade butter in a jar. Enjoy chilly ice cream in a bag perfect for summer and more.

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cooking summer camp

Dinosaur Summer Camp Activities

These Dinosaur Summer Camp activities will take your kids on an adventure back in time to when dinosaurs roamed the Earth! Kids of all ages will have a blast playing and learning with these dinosaur theme science activities!

Play with fizzy dino eggs, go on a dino dig, make salt dough fossils, hatch frozen dinosaur eggs, and much more.

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dinosaur summer camp

Nature Summer Camp Activities

These Nature Summer Camp activities are a fun way for kids to get outdoors and explore. There are so many wonderful things to observe and learn from right in our own backyards.

Make a bird feeder to watch birds, and build a bug hotel. Collect some leaves and learn about respiration, and more.

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Nature Summer Camp

Ocean Summer Camp Activities

Lots of us go to the beach for the summer, but what if we bring the ocean to you? This week full of ocean-themed activities makes for a fun Ocean Summer Camp for kids!

Set up a beach erosion demonstration. Find out what happens to shells when the ocean becomes acidic. Create the layers of the ocean, explore how whales stay warm in very cold water, learn about glowing jellyfish and more.

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Ocean Summer Camp

Physics Summer Camp Activities

Introduce your science fans to physics this summer with these physics theme summer camp activities.

While physics may seem difficult, there are many science principles in physics that are actually part of our every day experience from a young age!

Make your own air vortex cannon, play music with a water xylophone and build a windmill. Experiment with a floating boat, a rising candle in water and more.

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Physics Summer Camp

Sensory Summer Camp Activities

Let kids learn and explore with all of their senses with Sensory Summer Camp activities! Younger kids will have fun with this week’s worth of sensory activities. Suitable for toddlers to preschoolers!

We love sensory activities! Sensory play helps kids to learn through their senses, touch, sight, smell, taste, and hearing, in ways they may not have experienced before.

Play with Magic Mud! Create with strawberry playdough, sparkly fairy dough or a taste-safe koolaid playdough. Get a bit messy and wet with soap foam. Get little hands playing with kinetic sand, and sand foam, and more.

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Sensory Summer Camp

Slime Summer Camp

Slime Summer Camp is going to make summer for your kids one to remember! Kids LOVE slime and they’ll be slime experts by the end of these summer camp activities. Plus, making slime has to be one of our favorite all time science activities!

Not all slime is created equal! We’ve spent years perfecting our slime recipes and will teach you how to make and have fun with all types of slime this summer.

Enjoy light and fluffy cloud slime. Try smooth as butter slime. Add one special ingredient to crunchy slime. Play with chalkboard slime, magnetic slime and more.

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Slime Summer Camp

Space Summer Camp

These Space Summer Camp activities will take your kids on an adventure out of this world! Obviously, we can’t travel to space. The next best step to a hands-on learning experience with space is these science and art space theme projects.

Make edible Oreo moon phases. Enjoy a fizzy moon STEAM project. Learn about the constellations you can see in the night sky. Test your engineering skills while you build a space shuttle and a satellite, and more.

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Space Summer Camp DIY

STEM Summer Camp

STEM activities are such an easy thing to do in summer with kids! Projects don’t have to be big, detailed, or extravagant for them to present learning opportunities that stick with kids as they learn and grow.

These STEM summer camp activities including engineering projects, science experiments and STEM challenges. Make a catapult, build a marble roller coaster and blow up a balloon with a chemical reaction. Take the spaghetti tower challenge and the strong bridges challenge, and more.

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STEM Summer Camp

Water Science Summer Camp

What’s more fun in summer than learning and playing with water! Water Science Summer Camp is a great way to explore science and have fun with all kinds of water experiments.

Investigate melting ice, test out what dissolves in water, watch water walk, take the penny lab challenge and more.

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