Slime Summer Camp will make summer for your kids one to remember! Kids LOVE slime, and they’ll be slime experts at the end of this week! Check out the tips and tricks for making slime and setting up a slime camp below. You can download the week’s theme and use the convenient links to learn about each project and create a supply list. It’s the perfect addition to your science experiments.

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Slime Camp Tips and Tricks

Setting up a slime camp theme for kids can be a fun and engaging experience! Here are some tips and tricks to make it a success:

Plan Activities: Design a schedule with slime-related activities such as slime-making sessions, experiments with different slime recipes, and creative projects using slime.

Gather Supplies: Stock up on essential supplies, including glue, borax, or other slime activators, food coloring, glitter, beads, foam balls, and containers for storing slime. Ensure enough supplies for each kid to make their slime creations.

💡 Make a slime kit with the best slime ingredients supplies!

Safety First: Ensure that all materials and ingredients are safe for kids. Provide aprons or old t-shirts to protect clothing, and have hand-washing stations readily available.

Demonstrate Proper Techniques: Start the camp by demonstrating how to make slime safely. Emphasize the importance of following instructions and handling ingredients with care.

Experiment with Different Recipes: Introduce kids to various slime recipes such as traditional glue and borax slime, slime made with saline solution and baking soda, or even edible slime using ingredients like marshmallows or cornstarch.

Encourage Creativity: Provide a variety of mix-ins and decorations for kids to customize their slime. Encourage them to experiment with colors, textures, and scents to create their own unique creations.

Incorporate Learning: Take the opportunity to teach kids about the science behind slime, including concepts such as polymers, viscosity, and chemical reactions. Use simple explanations and hands-on demonstrations to make learning fun and engaging.

💡 Read all about slime science here!

Provide Take-Home Kits: Consider providing each child with a take-home kit containing instructions and ingredients to make their own slime at home. This allows them to continue the fun beyond the camp and share their newfound skills with family and friends.

Have Fun!: Most importantly, remember to have fun and foster a positive and supportive environment where kids can express their creativity and imagination through slime. Encourage them to embrace the messy and tactile nature of the activity and celebrate their unique creations.

Fun Slime Camp Ideas for Summer

Get started with fun slime recipes this summer for an awesome time with kids of all ages! Check out helpful slime science and slime resources below for additional materials.

💡Our complete Slime Camp Guide with instructions includes our special Summer Slime Guide.



Use instant snow to make this fun cloud slime recipe! It’s got a wonderful texture that you’ll love!



This fluffy slime recipe is absolutely perfect. It’s thick and soft and not at all sticky!



Did you know that butter slime doesn’t contain butter? This is a smooth, soft, stretchy slime that when dyed a pretty yellow absolutely looks like butter!



Use foam beads to make this awesome crunchy slime! When you squeeze this crunchy slime it has the best texture and makes awesome sounds too!



Make chalkboard slime you can actually write on with chalk markers with this fun chalkboard slime recipe! It’s the perfect addition to Slime Summer Camp!



This galaxy slime is full of glitter and stars and all the colors of our wonderful galaxy!



This magnetic slime recipe is actually magnetic! Experiment with different objects and watch it crawl and attach itself to metal materials!



Use Marshmallow Fluff to make this super stretchy and super soft slime! This is a no-cook slime that you can eat too!



This colorful slime not only smells amazing but is also edible! Use Starburst candies to make fun, stretchy slime!

Free Slime Camp Guide

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Add These Slime Resources!

Here are a few resources to help you make the most of your summer slime camp!

More Fun Summer Camp Themes

Plan a whole summer of fun science for kids! Check out each camp theme week and have a budget-friendly summer of science at home.

Printable Science Camp Themes

What’s inside the Science Camp?

6 Full Days of “Done for You” Science and 12 Mini Weeks! Keep the fun moving along with a schedule of activities for each day!

Themes include:

  • In the Kitchen
  • Take It Outside
  • Real Reactions
  • Physics Fun
  • Candy Lab
  • Special Bonus!

Each day includes the following with full instructions and pictures:

  • Science Snacks: Make a snack using science that you can eat!
  • Science Games: Try biology bingo, matter mazes, and more! 
  • 3 Science Experiments: Includes full instructions, pictures, and YouTube video links where applicable!
  • STEM Challenges: Simple challenges for all ages to work on together!
  • Science Toys: Homemade toys for playing with science!
  • STEAM Projects: Art and science combined!
  • Supplies List: Know what you need to get ahead of time!

What else will you get in your Summer Science Camp?

  • DIY Summer Science Camp Template ​(design even more science weeks)
  • BONUS CAMPS: 12 Mini Camp Weeks for extra themes!
  • Boredom Buster STEM Pack with EXTRA STEM challenges