Want to try something a bit different for Valentine’s Day crafts this year? Here you will find over 15 unique Valentine’s Day art projects for kids inspired by famous artists. If you have not explored famous artists yet, these Valentine heart projects are a great way to jump in! Most of these Valentine’s art ideas include free templates to get you started quickly. Plus, you will learn about different famous artists and art processes!



Many of these famous artist-inspired Valentine’s Day projects use simple materials you may already have. You can also change many art mediums to suit your style or supplies. Get creative!

Also, these Valentine’s art ideas can easily be done within the classroom time available and are not messy! You’ll also find many creative ideas for home, library groups, after-school programs, and more.

Valentine’s Day art is a fun alternative to the usual Valentine’s Day crafts. Enjoy heart art activities, flowers, 3D paper crafts, and even a Valentine’s STEAM activity or two (that is science and art combined)!

Of course, we also enjoy easy Valentine’s Day science experiments at this time of the year!

Make sure to download our free printable Valentine’s art calendar below for easy art ideas all month long!


Studying the artwork of the masters not only influences your artistic style but even improves your skills and decisions when creating your own original work.

It is excellent for kids to be exposed to different art styles and experiment with different mediums and techniques through our famous artist art projects.

Kids may even find an artist or artists whose work they really like and will inspire them to do more of their own artwork.

Why is learning about art from the past important?

  • Kids who are exposed to art have an appreciation for beauty!
  • Kids who study art history feel a connection to the past!
  • Art discussions develop critical thinking skills!
  • Kids who study art learn about diversity at a young age!
  • Art history can inspire curiosity!


If you want to explore more art projects for any time of the year from the famous artists listed below (plus even more), click here to check out our incredible famous artist art projects for kids.


Below you’ll find 16 of my favorite Valentine’s Day heart art projects. Most of the projects are inspired by famous artists! Plus, these projects are always budget-friendly and easy to accomplish in your available time.

These Valentine’s Day art projects are easily suited for Kindergarten and Elementary grades right through to Middle School, depending on the kiddos’ or classrooms’ needs. They are also suitable for library groups, after-school groups, scouts, and more!

The Valentine’s Day activities below are also a great way to mix Valentine’s Day crafts with a bit of art history, whether exploring a famous artist and creating a card, experimenting with fizzy paint for STEAM, or engineering a paper heart ornament to hang… there’s something for everyone!

3D Paper Heart

Engineer a paper heart to use as an ornament or decoration to hang up at home or in the classroom. You could even write a poem or greeting on it to give to a friend.

3D Valentine Craft

Fizzing Heart Art

This homemade paint is part science and part art but all STEAM! Go ahead and create a work of art with a fizzing, bubbling chemical reaction you can paint with!

Frida’s Flowers

Frida Kahlo is famous for her self-portraits and flowers, which also pair nicely with Valentine’s Day or spring art. Don’t miss Frida’s snowflakes for a unique twist on the project.

Kandinsky Hearts

Kandinsky is known for his abstract art and circles, so we twisted it for Valentine’s Day with this easy-to-do heart art project. Our Kandinsky trees is a reader favorite and can be themed for any season!

Kandinsky Hearts

Luminary Card

Create a glowing luminary card with this Valentine’s Day craft that is perfect for giving or decorating this month! Add a small tea light, and you have a creative gift to give.

Lichtenstein Pop Art Cards

Lichtenstein and Warhol are known for pop art and comic-style images. Make your own pop-art Valentine’s Day cards with easy-to-use templates to hand out this year. You can see another style of his work here with this Lichtenstein Bunny.

Mondrian Heart Art

Piet Mondrian is most known for using primary colors and white plus a checkerboard-style outline with thick black lines. It easily translates into bold heart art! You might also like this city scape project.

Mondrian Hearts

Paper Flower Heart

Make simple little paper flowers to decorate this Valentine’s Day heart craft that you can gift to a friend or loved one.

Picasso Heart

One of our most popular artists’ projects, these cubist-inspired printable templates are perfect for quick, no-mess Valentine.

Pollock Heart Painting

Jackson Pollock’s splatter painting technique might seem messy, but it’s a fantastic example of process art and is exciting for kids to try!

Quilling Heart

Have you ever tried paper quilling? While it might seem a little challenging initially, this Valentine’s craft is fun and suitable for tweens and teens too!

Alma Thomas Stamped Heart

Alma’s work is most noted for its mosaic-like quality with dense colors. You can recreate that style here through stamping, which is always a hit with kids.

Stamped Heart Craft

Tie Dye Card

Another Valentine’s craft turned into a card with a fun process that combines science and art!

Valentine Zentangle

Doodles and zen… Patterns, lines, dots, repetition. The art of Zentangles should be relaxing and stress-reducing while you create repeating patterns in different areas of the image. We have a Zentangle for every occasion here.

BONUS 1: Make a Valentine Thaumatrope

Thaumatropes are a very early toy from the 1800s, also known as an optical illusion. Get creative with your drawings or sayings, and try creating these unique STEAM toys.

BONUS 2: Create this Happy Valentine’s Day Pop-Up Box

You can make this super cute, printable pop-up card or box with the template provided.


Make sure to add a few Valentine’s Day science or STEM activities. This season is perfect for exploring chemical reactions!

Valentines Day STEM activities and Science experiments