Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite winter holidays for hands on play and learning activities. We have lots of fun and easy preschool Valentine activities including this icy activity, Valentines frozen hands.


I like to call them loving hands. We tried this around Christmas time as well {Santa’s Frozen Hands}. The original idea is from one of my favorite ladies over at Happy Hooligans!

What a simple but effective science activity for beginner scientists! I adore this simple ice melt activity, and we love ice melt activities in general. We use them all year round and have a terrific collection of ice activities for preschoolers already!

Here are a few more of our favorites…

Frozen hands are super easy to make! I know my son really loves holiday themed activities, so I love to create cool and simple Valentine activities for us to try out together. Ice melting science has so many ways to dress it up for any holiday.

Introduce some simple science concepts to this ice melt activity by talking about how the water changes from a liquid to a solid when it is frozen, and then back again to a liquid. What differences do you notice? What happens to the frozen water when it is not as cold?





  • Disposable gloves
  • Water
  • Food Coloring
  • Valentines themed goodies
  • Glitter and sequins
  • Bowl for warm water and turkey baster


STEP 1: Add Valentine fun items, glitter and red food coloring to a disposable glove. We made one with food coloring and one without.

STEP 2: Fill the glove all the way with water and cinch the end with a rubber band as if you were tying off a balloon.

STEP 3: Place in the freezer on a tray.

STEP 4. Remove the frozen hands by cutting the end off of the rubber glove and peeling the glove off of the hand.

STEP 5. Place in a shallow dish or container to catch the melting water. Add a bowl of warm water and a turkey baster or eye dropper {you can eve use squeeze bottles and squirt bottles} for melting your Valentines frozen hands.

Valentines frozen hands ice melting sensory playPin

I added tons of glitter to our Valentines frozen hands! It was everywhere. I also added acrylic hearts, felt hearts, red feathers, heart confetti, and more glitter! These Valentine frozen hands are easy to customize for any holiday or season.

Valentines frozen hands ice melting activity with turkey bastersPin

A turkey baster from the dollar store is a perfect ice melting tool for your Valentines frozen hands. I bet you already have one somewhere in the kitchen.

Measuring cups, spoons and ladles will work too! I even have a few eye droppers from the grocery store pharmacy that we like to use!

Our Valentines frozen hands ice melting activity also turned into a beautiful water sensory play bin. If your child would like to continue the play with dumping and filling, add a bit of warm water. All that ice is pretty cold!

Valentines frozen hands science sensory water playPin

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