15 + Winter Early Learning Activities 

15 Winter Early Learning Activities


Preschool Hands On Play & Learning

Activities for Math, Science, Literacy, Sensory and Fine Motor Skills

This has been such a fun Winter over here at Little Bins for Little Hands and we have enjoyed many Winter early learning activities! The older Liam gets, the more we can do and play together. We spent a good deal of this winter exploring snow and ice for science experiments. We also found fun ways to count, paint, enjoy books, recognize letters and sounds, make sensory bins, and practice fine motor skills! There are lots of fun hands on play activities to keep preschoolers busy during the winter. Early learning can be very exciting!

Some of the early learning activities have links to a whole post and will be underlined. The others will have a short description to go along with the picture but no link!

Science Early Learning Activities

We love science and had a lot of fun with these easy science experiments, learning and play!

Snow Melting Experiment

snow melting science activity

Freezing Liquids Outdoors Science Experiment

winter freezing liquids science experiment

Winter Snowflake Search Baking Soda Science Experiment

winter snowflake baking soda science

Penguin Early Learning Science Activity

penguin science play learning activity

Ice Melt & Icy Heart Races Science Experiment

icy heart melt experiments activity

Math Early Learning Activities

We did lots of Valentines themed Math, but we did have a fun math sensory bin to explore!

Winter Math Sensory Bin

winter math sensory bin activity

Fine Motor Early Learning Activities

Many of our activities incorporate some sort of fine motor skills! We did many more for Valentines Day Early Learning as well!

Marshmallow & Toothpick Snowflake Fine Motor Play

marshmallows and toothpicks fine motor skills activity


Snowflake Sorting Activity Tray

We also worked our fine motor skills with a fun and simple snowflake tweezing and scooping activity. I used three different kinds of snowflakes. I put them all in one bowl and placed three bowls out was well. I gave him tweezers and a small spoon to practice sorting the snowflakes.

snowflake sorting tray activity


Winter Early Learning Literacy Activities

Diamond In The Snow Book & Exploration Activity

This is such a sweet little winter book, Diamond in the Snow by Jonathon Emmett. I noticed icicles on our bush outside and thought it would be fun to examine and study icicles, talk about how they are made and then well, play with them. A cow joined the fun!

Winter Early Learning Diamond In The Snow Book & Ice Play

The Mitten Book & Sensory Play

mitten book sensory play activity

Snowball Letter Recognition & Play

Have a snowball fight with paper snow balls and work on letters and sounds too! I wrote simple words for each letter of the alphabet on a piece of paper and crumpled them into snowballs. I put them all in the bowl and added tongs for extra practice! Great easy fun and we will shred the paper for a sensory bin later!

snowball letter recognition activity

Letter Ice Melt & Match Early Learning Activity

I froze plastic letters in a deviled egg tray from the dollar store! I chose to do both upper and lower case letters since we need to work on lower case letters more now! It took a couple rounds in the freezer. He has really enjoyed melting ice this winter! I have a plastic placemat with letter sounds on it that I tucked under the clear bin. He melted everything and then we worked on sounds and matching letters.

Icy Early Learning Letter Melt & Match Activity


Salt Tray Letter Writing Sensory Tray

I filled a baking sheet with epsom salts and used our laminated letter cards to practice writing letter and also just work on pre-writing skills with all sorts of lines!

Winter Early Learning Salt Letter Making Tray


Simple Alphabet Winter Sensory Bin

I used a dollar store lowercase foam letter puzzle and some fake snow to create a fun sensory bin with a blizzard theme!

Winter Early Learning Alphabet Sensory Bin Puzzle


Winter Themed Painting Activities

Snowflake Tape Resist Painting & Stencils

snowflake painting activity


Snowflake Pompom Painting Book Activity

I set up a very simple invitation to paint snowballs and snowflakes with pompoms and clothespins. Sneaking in some fun fine motor skills too. Simple one color painting on a blue sky is quick and easy to do! The books are Let it Snow and Snow.

Winter early learning snowflake book & painting activity


Winter Sensory Bins & Play

Snowflake Sensory Bin & Sensory Jar

snowflake sensory play jar and bin

Winter Trucks Epsom Salt Sensory Play Tray

Later, we turned our letter writing epsom salt tray into a fun sensory play tray with trucks! We even did this on a snow day for extra inspiration!

Winter Early Learning Sensory Salt Tray Truck Play


There you have it! Winter early learning activities for preschoolers. Together you can make learning fun!

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