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Zoo Themed Fine Motor Skills Play!

Welcome to another great week of the Fine Motor Fridays Blog Hop! I love Fridays and our chance to show off some great fine motor skills activities happening over here! Hands-on play really facilitates fine motor skills work. Learn through play, practice through play, and develop life long skills through play! Fine Motor Skills for us is hand work, strengthening the hand muscles and working on finger grips/grasps that will prove so useful as he gets older! Today we are using tweezers, clothespins and play dough to play out our zoo theme and practice fine motor skills!

Zoo Themed Fine Motor Skills Set Up

I will just say that we have had this awesome homemade green play dough since last Halloween! Love it! We keep it sealed in a zip lock bag and it has been great for so many activities and green is a great color for a zoo theme. I simply collected my little items, and really you can use so many different things! I chose playmobil accessories. Now that my son is 4, he was give a few sets of the teeny tiny playmobil stuff. Talk about tiny but perfect for this!

Step 1

roll out play dough to desired thickness

Step 2

push all your tiny items into it

Step 3

Shape into a ball (you can also push it into a bakers pan which we have done before). Make sure everything is hidden!

Step 4

Collect tweezers, spoons, and whatever else! We like to add a magnifying glass and a flashlight!

zoo fine motor play dough set up


Zoo Theme Fine Motor Skills Play

He was pretty excited to get started on this. I told him the animals food and supplies were buried in the play dough. He could use his hands to pull apart the play dough and the tweezers to grab the goodies! Over the last couple months he has been rebelling less and less against using the tweezers. Patience for momma and practice for Liam. Persistence for both of us! He alternated digging in the play dough and burrowing into it! He decided a flashlight would make it go much faster. Hmmm….

zoo themed fine motor skills tweezer work


Break out the flashlight! A flashlight makes everything more fun!

zoo themed fine motor skills flashlight play


Once he gotten out so many that they weren’t as obvious, I encouraged him to use his hands to feel around and chomp the play dough between his fingers and thumbs to feel for more items. Might have been a good idea on my part to count!

zoo theme fine motor skills hand working play dough


Once we were finished he did not have a desire to do any free play with the animals and play dough. That’s par for the course and we don’t push it on him. However, I had a second little fine motor skills zoo activity in the back of mind. I give all the credit to Mrs. H from his preschool. Liam showed me this fine motor skills activity at a teacher meeting one day, and I just had to repeat it at home! So easy. She used a small shoebox!

zoo fine motor skills finished fence

A clothespin fence for the zoo animals!

zoo fine motor skill fence set up

Clothespin Fence

For this small container, I chose 3 clothespins for each long side and 2 for each short side. I cut two strips of card stock for the long side and 2 strips of card stock for the short side. Zoo animals needed!

Clothespin Fine Motor Skills Fence Building

Lots of great fine motor skills with clothespins, and we use them often! He remembered this activity from school and went about building the frame of the fence using fine motor skills to open the clothespins! Once he put them all on, he placed the correct strips on each side. Voila!

zoo fine motor skills fence building clothespins


zoo fine motor skills paper strips


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  1. Flashlights do make everything more fun, don’t they? 😉 I love the searching factor with the playdough – it’s always fun to have to find something. And that clothespin fence is an awesome fine motor idea!

  2. Oh my, we just finished our Z unit, this would have been great. That’s okay, I have two little ones who are going to be doing our Z unit Thanks for sharing.

  3. Cannot say enough how much I love this!! What a fun idea! 🙂 Thanks for sharing and linking up with the Preschool and Kindergarten Community.

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