Fall is here, and that means all sorts of beautiful, colorful leaves! To get an easy jump start on your fall theme activities, use our free printable leaf templates for various craft ideas. Check out our fun list of fall art and craft activities below! All of these leaf templates are free to download and print, to use at home, with groups, or in the classroom!


Printable Leaves For Fall Crafts

Download, print, and then try these leaf projects below to get started! All you need is a few colored pencils, crayons, or markers.

Our printable leaves are great for…

  • Use as fall leaf coloring pages.
  • Making leaf posters.
  • Decorating a bulletin board with leaf printables.
  • Adding leaves to banners.

Try this awesome yarn art with a printable leaf template!

How To Use These Leaf Templates

You can do many fun activities with our printable leaf templates. Make sure to check out these fun leaf art and craft activities below!

Leaf Painting In A Bag

Try mess-free leaf painting in a bag. Finger painting for toddlers to preschoolers without the big clean up!

Yarn Leaves

This leaf craft is super simple to pull together with yarn and cardboard but is also super fun for small fingers!

Black Glue Leaves

Black glue is a cool art technique that is perfect for Fall leaf art. All you need is some paint and glue.


Leaf Rubbings

Collect your own colorful fall leaves and turn them into leaf rubbing art with our step by step instructions. A great way for preschoolers and elementary kids to make colorful art from nature.


Leaf Pop Art

Combine a repeating leaf pattern and color to create fun pop art inspired by the famous artist Andy Warhol! 

Leaf Pop Art

Matisse Leaf Art

Combine bright colors with real leaves to create fun abstract art inspired by the famous artist, Henri Matisse!

Matisse Leaf Art

O’Keeffe Fall Leaves

Combine fall colors with our leaf printable to create a fun fall leaf art project inspired by the famous artist Georgia O’Keeffe!

Leaf Salt Painting

Even if your kiddos aren’t the crafty type, every kid loves to paint with salt and watercolor or food coloring. Combine science and art with this easy absorption process. 

Leaf Crayon Resist Painting

Use real leaves to make a simple leaf painting using watercolor paints and white crayons as a resist. Easy to do for a cool effect!

Leaf Crayon Resist Art

Scented Leaf Art

Try sensory painting with this easy natural scented leaf spice painting.

Leaf Marble Art

Marbles make a cool paintbrush in this super simple to set up activity for fall! Process art is fantastic fun for preschoolers!

Fall Leaf Zentangle

These printable zentangle leaves are a fun Fall take on a classic zentangle art activity. 

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More Fun Fall Leaf Activities

Kids will also love these fun and simple fall science experiments with leaves!

Parts of Leaf Coloring Page

Download this quick and simple parts of a leaf coloring page to learn more about the different parts of a leaf.

Fall Leaf Slime

Our Fall slime recipe is perfect science and sensory play when the leaves begin to change color. Fall science is easy to do with young kids and older kids too!

Leaf Veins

Explore the structure of plant leaves and how water travels through leaf veins with the kids this season.  This fun and simple experiment is a great way to see behind the scenes of how plants work!

Leaf Chromatography

Have you ever wondered about how leaves get their color? Set up this easy fall experiment to find the hidden pigments in the leaves in your backyard!

Salt Crystal Leaves

Growing salt crystals is a really fun and simple science experiment you can do either at home or in the classroom. Here we have given it a fun fall theme!

Why Do Leaves Change Color

Find out what causes leaves to change color in the fall with this fun printable lapbook project. Our printable fall leaves project makes learning easy!

Printable Parts of a Leaf Projects Pack

This leaf project pack is perfect for both the fall and spring seasons, find plenty of hands-on activities for exploring leaves!

Printable Fall Art Project Pack

Everything you need is included in this Fall Art Project Pack. Just add art supplies! Perfect for kids of all ages to enjoy with a variety of techniques. Whether in the classroom, at home, or with groups, there is a fantastic variety of art activities to try!

Find all the instructions and templates necessary for over 40 art projects this Fall.

Apples, pumpkins, leaves, Halloween, and Thanksgiving!

Explore process art, STEAM, and even famous artists with these very doable art activities that won’t break the budget or the time you have available!