I don’t know a single kid who wouldn’t love to learn chemistry with a little chocolate science because it’s definitely yummy science! It’s also a great way to introduce the concept of reversible change. Valentine’s Day is a fun time for all kinds of easy chemistry activities. If you haven’t tried science and STEM at home you are really missing out.


Set up a chocolate science reversible change chemistry activity for easy and tasty Valentine's Day science! Show reversible change and discuss irreversible change with edible science activity.

 My son’s favorite thing is food! Why not explore science through food. That’s how I came up with this simple but effective chocolate science experiment to show reversible change!

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This chocolate science makes a great little treat too! You can also make butter and ice cream with kids for edible science ideas! Grab some clear bags and ribbon and package up your new chocolate hearts to give to friends.


  • Chocolate Chips
  • Baking Mold or Wax Paper
  • Ability to heat chocolate chips

Chocolate Science Set Up

All you need is chocolate chips and some kind of chocolate/baking mold. {However, if you don’t have a mold, you can still show reversible change. Simply heat and let harden on wax paper. Get creative a and fashion your own mold!}

This is a completely adult supervised activity here with my five-year old. I made a simple double boiler on the stove by putting water in a bottom of a pan and then placing an appropriate bowl on top. The bowl should not sit on the bottom of the pan

Place the chocolate chips in the bowl and slowly heat water. Stir and watch as the chips melt! Once your chocolate is melted, put in mold! We refrigerated ours for a quicker treat!

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What is reversible change anyway? A reversible change is something that can be undone. Such as melting and freezing water and our chocolate science! Although I can’t bring the chocolate back to chocolate chip form, I could if I had the right mold.

Our chocolate has undergone a phase change but one that can be reversed. I have not created a new substance that is irreversible like baking a cake. I can’t turn a cake back into the raw ingredients,  so it is an irreversible  change. We studied that earlier this year in our pumpkin lesson.

Chocolate Science Reversible Change Activity Edible Science Food Science

Examine the chocolate chips, the melted chocolate, and the newly hardened chocolate with your kids. This is a great opportunity to discuss the steps you took for this chocolate science activity to show reversible change!

You might as well do some taste testing along the way to make sure the chocolate tastes yummy in every stage of change! Just be careful with the hot chocolate that no one gets burned. Always practice safety when conducting a science experiment!

Ask the kids to use their 5 senses along the way. It’s great for getting conversations started and helping your kids learn how to observe and express what’s happening. We have a printable sheet here with our pop rocks 5 senses activity.

Chocolate science experiment reversible change science food science

The yummiest, tastiest, reversible change chocolate science experiment ever!

For more fun, try other type of chocolate too! Add sprinkles or decorations to the bottom of the mold to see what happens! Find more of our edible science ideas and others over at BuzzFeed!

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