LEGO on the go? Why not! If you have a LEGO lover, he or she will surely want to take the fun on the run. Whether you are in the car, staying at grandma’s, or waiting at the doctor’s office, our handy and simple Magnetic LEGO Travel Tray with FREE LEGO Challenge Cards will keep things together! A compact way to travel with LEGO. Our kid’s LEGO activities are a must for keeping kids screen-free!



This is a super simple Magnetic LEGO Travel tray to put together, and I found everything I needed at the local dollar store. I love the idea of the tray being magnetic so that all the parts should stay together easily for a grab-and-go travel activity. Pair with the FREE LEGO challenge card ideas and the kiddos are set.

I used one tray and three of these nifty magnetic containers or tins. You could also use two cookie sheets and put six tins on one tray to carry even more LEGO pieces while storing the extra tray for building underneath!

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Add these FREE LEGO Challenge Cards to your brick collection!


  • LEGO pieces: Check out this Classic LEGO Set 11717; click here. I also love this 1500-piece set with the 16×16 plates (fantastic price per part deal); click here.
  • Cookie Tray
  • Magnetic Containers
  • Free Challenge Cards
DIY Magnetic LEGO Travel Tray Cookie SheetPin

Of course, this magnetic LEGO travel tray is perfect the way it is, but what about a few LEGO challenge cards to get the fun and building started?

I made FREE printable LEGO travel challenge cards to pair with your LEGO tray. Simple challenges make building time extra special. Click below to download your set.


You can also turn a lunch box into a handy LEGO travel case for long car rides, family visits, and restaurant entertainment! Just a few supplies and you are ready to make your own DIY mini LEGO storage case. Add the free cards from this page and get ready to play! Download a copy of the LEGO lunch box here.

I like these LEGO-compatible base plates from Creative QT. We have used them to create our DIY LEGO table, which we find super helpful for building with LEGO. This also makes a great portable LEGO table idea.


The same base plates would also be perfect for this project! Download this LEGO idea.


STEP 1: Print and cut apart cards and place them in an empty box or jar.

STEP 2: Everyone picks a card with their eyes closed, no peaking or telling.

STEP 3: Set a time limit of 15, 30, or 60 minutes, whatever your age group can handle.

STEP 4: Secretly pull out a building challenge card and start building!

STEP 5: Come back together to share the build!

Add these FREE LEGO Challenge Cards to your brick collection!


You have a few options for your printable LEGO challenge card pages. Look for more printable LEGO challenges below too!

  • Print and cut for quick use.
  • Place whole sheets in page protectors.
  • Laminate the whole page.
  • Cut apart the cards and laminate them individually.
  • You can store the cards on a metal ring, clip, or pencil case!
  • The sheets can be placed under the magnetic tins on top of the cookie sheet, and they will stay put during travel.

Everyone can have their own magnetic LEGO travel tray! They are even perfect for quiet time in the house! Make one as a gift for a friend.


Printable LEGO Project Pack

GRAB this incredible Brick Building Bundle in the SHOP. 


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  2. Your site makes me wish my boys were little again! All 3 of them loved LEGOs and used them differently. Thank you for sharing your ideas. I still get to do them with my firsties!

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