Add these fun Winter worksheets and printables to your lesson plans this season! Perfect for kindergarten, and elementary-age kiddos at home or in the classroom. These winter printables cover STEM, Math, literacy, art, and more. Tons of winter activities the kids will have a blast trying including hot chocolate science!




Below you will find fun printable winter activities with full supply lists and step-by-step instructions.

Instead of downloading and printing out each individual activity (some are not even available as downloads), get the complete Winter worksheet pack!

It includes more than 25 Winter science, STEM, and art activities to try! Over 250 Winter activity sheets for tons of fun and learning!

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Printable Winter STEM Activities

Kids will love these Winter STEM challenges, plus includes a simple engineering kit list filled with easy-to-find supplies. Encourage the kids to get creative with individual or group activities that are perfect for maker spaces or tinker tables.


  • Draw a snowman using an algorithm.
  • Hot Chocolate and Marshmallows Investigation
  • Freezing Water Experiment
  • Building 3D Shapes
  • Winter Thaumatropes
  • Winter STEM Challenge Cards

Ice Fishing

Why does everyone use salt to melt ice? Fishing for ice cubes that can be done no matter the temperature outside.

Blubber Experiment

How do polar bears stay warm in the freezing cold Arctic? This fun polar bear blubber experiment will help kids feel and see what keeps those big guys (and gals) warm!

Frost On A Can

Find out how to make frost on a can for an easy winter experiment you can share with the kids!

Snow Storm In A Jar

Kids will love creating their own snowstorms with common household supplies, and they can even learn a bit of simple science in the process.

DIY Thermometer

This DIY thermometer is an AWESOME winter activity for kids of all ages!


Melting Snowman

This science activity with a melting snowman theme is perfect for playful learning in and out of the classroom.

Snow Candy

There’s a bit of interesting science behind how this simple maple syrup snow candy is made and how snow helps that process along.

Snow Ice Cream

This super easy, 3-ingredient snow ice cream recipe is perfect this season for a yummy treat.

Snow Volcano

If you have snow, you will want to get outside for this winter science snow volcano! Cool winter STEM that the kids will LOVE to get their hands on.


Pollock Snowflake Art

Introduce kids to the father of action painting – Jackson Pollock – with this fun and easy winter art project for kids!

Winter Birds Collage

Make a winter themed bird collage inspired by artist, Henri Matisse.

Winter Dot Painting

This easy Georges Seurat inspired winter scene is made with nothing but dots!

Snowy Night

A fun winter take on Van Gogh’s classic painting. Even make your own puffy snow paint to use!

Picasso Snowman

This silly, fun snowman printable winter activity is a great introduction to Cubism and the artist Pablo Picasso.


Fake Snow

Treat the kids to an indoor snowman building session or fun winter sensory play with this super easy to make fake snow recipe!

Snowflake Printables

Fun printable snowflake activities that includes snowflake art and crafts, snowflake I Spy, snowflake maze, snowflake theme science activities and more.

Printable Winter Games

Have fun with printable games and activities to round out your Winter theme. Such as…

  • Winter Word Search
  • Winter Coding Game
  • Winter Journaling Pages
  • Winter Would You Rather cards
  • Winter Woods I Spy
  • Winter Mad Libs, and more.