We love fine motor sensory bins! We also need to work on fine motor skills to strengthen hands and improve coordination. I combine sensory and fine motor work and make easy fine motor sensory bins. Here are 20 of our favorite fine motor sensory bins for play and work! Our ultimate guide to sensory play is a great place for learning more about sensory bins. Make sure to check out all our favorite sensory bin fillers!

 Fine Motor Sensory Bins

20 Fine Motor Sensory Bins

20 Fine Motor Sensory Bins 

Whether it is tongs, tweezers or little fingers, sensory play and fine motor skills work well together! Please click on the photo to bring you to the original post! These fine motor sensory bins are quick and easy to set up.

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Fine Motor Sensory Bins

Cranberry Science Sensory Activity Fine Motor PlayLeaf Activities Science and Fine Motor Skills PlayFall Counting Game Fine Motor Sensory Play

Confetti, Water Beads, and Cranberry Fine Motor Skills

confetti fine motor skills sensory activitywater beads search and find sensory playcranberry fine motor skills

Watermelon Rice, Finding Carrots and Earth Day Search & Find

There is no post available for Earth Day fine motor sensory search. I used blue and green colored rice with fun blue and green trinkets to find! Always, we have fun tweezers and sorting cups!

watermelon rice sensory binbunny carrot sensory search and fine motor play activityEarth Day Sensory Search

Pinching Pennies Sensory Hunt and Puzzle Play

 pinching pennies rice sensory huntpuzzle play rice sensory bin

Alphabet Sensory & Fine Motor Book Play

 alphabet fun play corn bin book

Sweet Treat Candy Sensory Search and Find

sweet treat oats sensory search

St Patricks Day Gold Coin Hunt

St Patricks Day Fine Motor Activities Coins and Tweezers

Fun Any time Ideas

4th Of July Sensory Search And find ActivityTreasure Hunt Fine Motor Skills Ice Melting Science Using Everyday ToolsLego Sensory Bin math And Fine Motor Play

New Additions!

portable mini sensory bins for fine motor skills activitiesApple Wooden Beads Sensory Bin Fine Motor And Counting SkillsSpider sensory bin fine motor and math sensory play

There you go 10 easy to make fine motor sensory bins for play and learning. There are so many ways to mix it up and create new ways to work on fine motor skills!

Tactile Sensory Play Guide

99 Fine Motor Ideas banner

Ultimate Tactile Sensory Play Guide And Resource




Scissor Practice Flowers from Craftulate

Tape Collage for Toddlers from School Time Snippets

Rainbow Puzzle Felt Page from Powerful Mothering

Fine Motor Slingshot Play from Still Playing School




  1. Great list! You always have so many awesome sensory ideas and every one of them is perfect for fine motor development. They make me want to jump in and play too!

  2. These tools are great to develop crafty hands. Try teaching your child how to use chopsticks. They are great as well to improve their hand coordination and they can handle pens and brushes a lot better afterwards.

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